JAMES KELLY | January 2019

James Kelly’s exhibition the Sweet Tooth series went into the KXT foyer over the Christmas break.

“ I’ve always had a sweet tooth. Something about the bright colours of candy attracted my eye as a young boy and this never quite left me. These works, full of the joy, energy and sugar of life, are poetic colour field abstractions created over the year of 2018. The paints contrast deep layers of colour with flat intuitions of paint. For me this series is about laughter, friendship, compassion and the colourful side of life.

I would be thrilled for anyone with an interest in the work to get in touch with me; I’m always happy to bring people into my studio and have a chat about what I do”

check back for all the info including details of the Exhibition Opening

 Jasmin Simmons | June 2018



 Jasmin is an actor, who recently graduated from NIDA in 2017. Before studying she was working full time as a Graphic Designer at a studio in Sydney. She first started experimenting with an old film camera years ago when it was handed down to her from a family member and began taking it with her on her travels. Whilst studying at NIDA she found a love of candidly photographing her friends behind the scenes and side of stage of productions and recently she has begun taking promotional, rehearsal room and production photos for shows around Sydney (both film and digital), and has fallen in love with capturing magical moments of actors and crew at work


come share the bubbles and meet the artist. 

if you'd like to stay around for the evening performance of DRESDEN then you can pick up at ARTISTS DISCOUNT ticket | apply the code word LUDWIG at the checkout for your $25 ticket. 

Anna Gardiner - December 2017

anna's art.jpg

"As a Designer and Artist I’m fascinated with aesthetics of all kinds but I’m very often drawn to the antiquated and vintage, these drawings are an expression of that love of old things and the stories behind them. I also gravitate towards detail and I sought this in the subject matter of these drawings. The portraits are of women from the late 1800s and early 1900s, I adore the way they do their hair, the clothes they wear but more than anything it’s the look in their eyes that penetrate the picture. You can imagine all the things they’re thinking and what their lives must have been like. 

Also included here is a drawing of an old Grocer’s building in a country town called Lue, I was often in Lue as a child at our family holiday home and loved to walk into the tiny town and admire the old buildings and peek through the gaps in the dusty old windows to see what was inside, more often than not there was a jumble of old furniture and a strange object or toy, I wanted to go inside more than anything but never could. My greatest wish for the old grocer is that it would be brought back to life as a replica of it’s time. I don’t think that’s very likely, sadly."

ARTWORK can be viewed during theatre opening hours

Head back to the HOME PAGE and click on NOW SHOWING to see when you can get along. You don't need to buy a ticket to the show to view the art work. But you'll probably want to...

Oliver Clarke - June 2017

Oliver Clarke is a Correspondent Cameraman with the Nine Network Australia for the European Bureau. He has covered major world news in over twenty countries, and continues to enjoy the frantic life that comes with last minute scrambles to the airport and hotel room service feeds (of which the quality varies). His work is showcased on The Today Show, Channel Nine News and 9news.com.au.

More of his adventures can be seen on his instagram account: ollie_clarke.

I’ve always considered myself incredibly lucky to be able to do a job I love; a journalist friend of mine described our jobs as “tickets to history”. I’ve been to places and witnessed events that only the privileged get to see, and I’ve had to cover stories and film subjects that only the unlucky have to attend. It’s a battle of ups and downs; the good and the bad; the right and the wrong, but it’s always exciting.


I chose this collection of photographs to show the vast variety of situations that a Correspondent Cameraman can experience. My role as a Cameraman doesn’t feature in many of the photos, but it’s that job that allows me to discover these locations and situations, and experience something new each time.

I hope you enjoy looking at these images, as much as I enjoyed taking them. 

There is always a shot out there; you just need to find it.

Yvette Tziallas - April 2017

YMT is a Sydney based Contemporary visual artist, who works in a variety of mediums ranging from drawing, glass, print media, textiles, photography, and mural work. She has exhibited extensively since 2008 in a number of group shows around Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Her work has featured in various magazine and book publications, and held in private collections throughout Australia.

Her style reflects an abstracted perception of how we, as humans, are built using the smallest of cells, molecules and particles to construct a large, multi-functioning organism (the body) and reinterpreted by her using pen to paper. There is a balance between design, pattern making and her obsessive detailing with the structures, and formation of human anatomy, its composition, construction and her deconstruction of it. Her drawings echo personal experiences and emotions, with symbols, patterns and themes that are appropriated from the cross-cultural abundance that influences and surrounds her.

YMT’s drawings are visual statements on the human condition, exploring our ephemerality, our genetic faults, notioning sexuality, and uncovering the beauty in the grotesque and morbid. Her work is an expression of the unconscious, a catharsis for things only aptly represented visually. Amongst the themes embedded in her works, is the constant exploration and dissecting of self.

Natasha Narula - March 2107


Natasha Narula is a photo artist. She has been the production photographer for the bAKEHOUSE production of the The Laden Table, March 2017, and was festival photographer for the Invisible Circus, November 2016. Her images have been taken as she traveled overseas, meeting with and photographing the children and women of the local villages in Morocco.

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