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Those words you wrote that have never been heard? We want them.

Storytellers Festival @ KXT is a 2-week pop-up celebration of playwrights and words.

It’s an opportunity to showcase unproduced plays, share writing that has never been heard, and come together as a playwriting community. The Festival is curated by playwright Joanna Erskine, in association with Danny Ball and bAKEHOUSE Theatre.

Who’s eligible? Playwrights at any stages of their writing careers.

What are we after? There are two categories for submissions:

Spotlight: Full-length, unproduced plays at, or close to, final draft stage. A small number of Spotlight plays will be selected for staged readings during the festival. It is intended that each Spotlight play will have two opportunities to be read during the Festival.

House Lights: Small pieces that you would like to share. It could be a scene, a short play, a song, a monologue, something that got cut from another work and has yet to find a home. We’ll curate a few House Lights evenings using work submitted. Each House Lights program will have two showings during the Festival.

We are looking to program: 

A diverse mix of playwrights

A diverse range of writing styles and content

Work that is ready, or almost ready for, production  

How will it work? We’re moving quickly. It will be a short submissions period and selections will be made as soon as possible. Once selected, there are two ways of putting your work on: 

Bring your own team If you already have actors and/or a director in place for your piece, or can organise actors and a director, then let us know who your team is. Writers may also choose to direct, or perform their own work (if a solo piece). 

We connect you We aim to have a pool of actors who are keen to read during the Festival. We will pair you up and put you in touch with them.

Please note, it is the writer’s responsibility to organise their own reading and rehearsal.

Storytellers Festival is not about polished performances. It’s about hearing the words. Actors will have scripts in hand. There will be no set, a basic lighting state, and chairs for the actors. If you want to use props, bring them along but keep them simple. This is about the script, not the production. 

What’s in it for writers? Storytellers Festival is a showcase of new work. Ticket prices will be kept low to encourage repeat audience attendance throughout the Festival. Box office will cover costs (minimal) and a remuneration for participating writers, in both Spotlight and House Lights categories. Writers will be notified of remuneration arrangement as soon as it is finalised, and the Festival will be transparent in all communication.

The Festival provides an opportunity to share work and invite people to hear your work, to further generate audience interest in new Australian writing, create new networking opportunities for writers, and encourage industry to hear work that is ready for production. 

How do I submit? Submit your application via the link below. Its super simple, super quick 

Submissions must be received by

5.00 pm Thursday 26 July 2018.

Questions? Contact Festival Director Joanna Erskine at

KXT is affordable and accessible.  

Every Thursday is our regular $20 for 20s. If you’re under 30 you can get the cheapest ticket in town. We’ve now added in Playwave performances for 15 – 19 year olds who can pick up tickets for every Thursday night or Sunday matinee. 

Every performance has disabled access.

The second Wednesday of each season is a dedicated RELAXED PERFORMANCE. Get in touch and let us know what you need. Read about it here: RELAXED PERFORMANCES

And we’re dead keen to see Mums and bubs at the theatre


For artists: following on from the regular Sunday play reads the KXT team hang out in the foyer. Come say hi, let us know what you're doing, what you need, chat about your plans. MORE HERE

All previews at KXT are the low price of $25 NB: these sell quick so book early

KX Hotel has all-genders bathroom facilities, and we’re working to make sure signage is warm and welcoming. 

And if you head in for the Sunday matinee you can take advantage of the COME EARLY + STAY LATE KXT Meal Deal, offering 10% off the price of your dinner order when you show your theatre ticket

EARLY BIRD tickets are available for all shows at KXT, for only $25. Book early and often

ticket prices remain affordable with with general ticket prices starting as low as $32

Through our Open the Door program we connect with not for profits and marginalised communities to provide free tickets for those who might not normally go to the theatre. 

KXT is affordable and accessible.


Countdown to 10 years of bakehouse


2008 June: her holiness, by Justin Fleming & Melvyn Morrow

Dir: Suzanne Millar With: Bernadette Ryan, James Lugton, Alisa Hawkins, Alan Dearth, Tony Stock, Matt Treddinnik, Cat Martin, Megan Thomas, Katherine Shearer, Ben Wood  

At Seymour Centre & Riverside

blog 1.jpg

2009 November: A Land Beyond the River by Justin Fleming ~ a part of the first StoryLines festival

Dir: Suzanne Millar Producer: John Harrison, Suzanne Millar, Dino Dimitriadis With: Elijah Williams, Alex Jalloh, Jarrod Crellin, Andrew Cutcliffe, Harry Flitcroft, Luka Tanfara, Sam Jalloh, Chloe Dunn

“this exceedingly talented troupe of Aboriginal, African, Asian and Caucasian actors are almost inseparably and insuperably good in their respective roles…" Crikey

2010 November: The History Boys by Alan Bennett

Dir: Suzanne Millar Producer: John Harrison With: Tim Hunter, Claudette Clark, Phil Lye, Andrew O’sullivan, Cheyne Fynn, Con Costi, Stephen Lloyd-Coombs, Oliver Clarke, Leon Joseph, Ben Williams

At NIDA Parade Playhouse

“the real stars of this production are the boys... charismatic and well on their way to becoming fine, accomplished actors” Crikey

blog 3.jpg

2011 June Coup d’Etat by Justin Fleming

Dir: Suzanne Millar; Producer John Harrison; With: Renee Lim, Shingo Usami, Felino Dolloso, Donald Sword, Cat Martin

At Riverside & NIDA

‘…a fascinating, absorbing play that combines sweeping politics with a powerful human drama…capturing both the epic nature of the political background and the intimate personal relationships…’ Jo Litson, Sunday Telegraph

2012 March: Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman

Dir: Dino Dimitriadis ; Producer: John Harrison; A co-production with apocalypse theatre co

With Michael Cullen, Jarrod Crellin, Rowan Freeman, Sophie Haylen, Richard Hilliar, Daniel Hunter, Jacqui Livingston, Danielle Maas, Alex Nicholas, Katrina Rautenberg, Katherine Shearer, Tim Warden


'This isn’t your usual vanilla theatre...This is a work based upon movement, light, sound and boundless energy and imagination.' Stage Whispers

2012 June: Junction by Justin Fleming, a part of the Storylines Festival

Dir: Suzanne Millar; Producer: John Harrison; With: Guy Simon & Stacey Duckworth

 at NIDA & TRS

“deals with Aboriginal ideas about time, memory, ancestral spirits and respect with profound subtlety and panache…” Lloyd Bradford Syke

2012 June: A Land Beyond the River by Justin Fleming, a part of the StoryLines festival

Dir: Suzanne Millar; Producer: John Harrison; With: Elijah Williams, Alex Jalloh, Kir Deng, Guy Simon, Aileen Huyhn, Jas Simmons. Andrew Cutcliffe, Joshua McElroy, Cheyne Fynn


‘A beautiful thing to watch, a perfect example of a director in tune with a writer’s vision, and dedicated cast, perfectly on point to deliver on that expectation…’ Lisa Thatcher


2012 July: Coup d'Etat by Justin Fleming; a restaging for the StoryLines Festival, and first time working with the fab Monroe Reimers

Dir: Suzanne Millar; Producer: John Harrison; With: Monroe Reimers, Shingo Usami, Renee Lim, Donald Sword, Cat Martin

‘…this fine production, directed by Suzanne Millar, is textured, rich and immediate...bright, fast-paced and colourful" Benjamin Neutze, Aussie Theatre

2012 November: Great Expectations by  Nick Ormerod & Declan Donellan

Dir: John Harrison; Producer: Suzanne Millar; With thanks to critical Stages & ATYP

With:  Alan Dearth; Callum McManis; Cheyne Fynn; Daniel Hunter; Jacki Mison; Jarrod Crellin; Jessica Paterson; Jim McCrudden; Kieran Foster; Patrick Sherwood; Rebecca Saffir; Richard Hilliar; Shannon Ashlyn; Sophie Haylen; Stephen Lloyd Coombs

ATYP Under the Wharf

“Young, lively, and imbued with a feeling of magic...” concrete playground

2013 Sept & Dec: 2Chairs, developed by Suzanne Millar, script by John Harrison & company

Dir: Suzanne Millar; Producer: John Harrison

With: Elijah Williams, Alex Jalloh, Johnson Ngor, Xavier Levins, Claudette Clark, Bron Lim, Amelia Tranter, Joshua McElroy, Alisa Hawkins, Yarri Bangoura, Cheyne Fynn, Akech Deng, Derrick Byimira, Tony Stock

At CRACK Festival & ATYP

In development | a look at language, loss and what it means to call a place home

2013 November: Love Field by Ron Elisha

Dir Michael Dean; Producer: Suzanne Millar; Dramaturg: Dino Dimitriadis

With Lizzie Schebesta & Ben Wood

At TAP Gallery. *And we meet Andrew McMartin... 

“An elegant work with a dignified simplicity...” Suzy Wrong, suzygoessee


2014 June: world premiere of His mother’s voice by Justin Fleming; Dir: Suzanne Millar

With: Renee Lim, Monica Sayers, Harry tseng, Danielle Jackson, Alice Kheovong, Arisa Yura, Angela Tran, Jonathan Surjadi, Isaiah Powell, Felino Dolloso, Michael Gooley, John Goodway

ATYP Selects 2014

“Entrancing. A work of substance and resonance..."  Deborah Jones, The Australian

2014 October: His Dark Materials development

Dir: John Harrison & Michael Dean; Producer: Suzanne Millar; In partnership with ERTH

Cast Amy Green; Amy Scott-Smith; Andrew Den; Cheyne Finn; Christopher Stalley; Dannielle Jackson; Ellen Bailey; Harry Tseng; Jacki Mison; Jim McCrudden; Kieran Foster; Kit Bennett; Lucy Heffernan; Pip Dracakis; Richard Hilliar; Simon Croker; Stephen Lloyd-Coombs


In development | stay tuned

2015 June: The Ishmael club by Bill Garner & Sue Gore

Dir: Suzanne Millar; With: Amy Scott-Smith, Richard Hilliar, Katrina Rautenberg, Jasper Garner Gore

At the old fitz: “These actors are terrific at the best of times, and these are the best of times” the buzz

2015 November: I am we are by the company

Dir: Suzanne Millar; With: the students of Loyola College, Mt Druitt featuring Trishala Sharma

A fundraiser


In November 2015 we gutted level 2, reconfigured and rebuilt the room, and made a theatre. Shout out to Elliott, KX Hotel, Lloyd, Solotel, mandylights, Rich Neville, Shannon and the builders, Michael Dean and the team on Roadkill Confidential who said yes, jumped on board and got the job done. Playing along at home? Its getting busy now...

2016 April: Black Jesus by Anders Lustgarten

Dir: Suzanne Millar; With: Elijah Williams, Belinda Jombwe, Dorian Nkono, Jarrod Crellin, and Alex Jalloh on drums

“This tightly-made production makes for absorbing viewing... ferocious” Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald

2016 June: Visiting Hours 0.1 by John Harrison, Con Costi, Mike Costi

For vivid at KX Hotel: Dir: John Harrison & Michael Dean; Producers: Suzanne Millar, John Harrison. Andrew McMartin

With Arisa Yura, Cheyne Fynn, Heather Prowse, Jim McCrudden, Simon Croker, Katherine Shearer, Keiren Brereton, Monica Sayers, Nicole Wineberg, Rebecca Claire Moret, Richard Hilliar, Rose Costi, Sarah Evans, Jacqui Robinson, Joshua McElroy, Yannick Lawry


“Experience immersive theatre done to perfection with bAKEHOUSE Theatre‘s production Visiting Hours. Taking place over five levels of the King’s Cross Hotel, you’ve never seen anything like it before”

ic slice.jpg

2016 November: The invisible circus, A festival celebrating the work of women, curated by bAKEHOUSE and Siren Theatre

Directors: Kate Gaul, Priscilla Jackman, Cathy Hunt, Suzanne Millar

Producers: Kate Gaul with John Harrison, Suzanne Millar & Heidi Annand

Work: Good with Maps, the Angelica Complex, Tiny Remarkable Bramble

Side shows: the Laden Table, Jatinga, Freefalling

Sponsored by Education & Learning Foundation, Jaipur Asset Management

With: Jane Phegan, Thomas Campbell, Lucy Suze Taylor, Catherine Terracini, Contessa Treffone, Geraldine Viswanathan, Michael Whalley, Kym Vercoe, Naomi Livingstone, Renee Lim, cast of The Laden Table & cast of Jatinga

Season includes art exhibitions, forums, music, open door rehearsals

2017 March: The Laden Table

by Yvonne Perczuk, Nur Alam, Raya Gadir, Chris Hill, Marian Kernahan & Ruth Kliman

Dir: Suzanne Millar; Producer: John Harrison

With Abi Rayment, Alex Chalwell, Donald Sword, Doron Chester, Geoff Sirmai, Gigi Sawires, Jessica Paterson, Justina Ward, Mansoor Noor, Monroe Reimers, Sarah Meacham, Suz Mawer.


“The writing is extraordinary, the direction extremely certain and the performances from all 12 actors convincing and heart felt... At the heart of this play is a great passion. Nothing Australian of similar quality or subject matter has appeared on either the STC or Belvoir stages for some time” Kevin Jackson

2017 June: Jatinga by Purva Naresh and the company.

A bAKEHOUSE commission, a part of the  bACE program in Mumbai, an international partnership

Dir: Suzanne Millar; Producer: John Harrison; Special thanks to: Yael Crishna

With Sapna Bhavnani, Faezeh Jalali, Suz Mawer, Monroe Reimers, Trishala Sharma, Teresa Tate Britten, Karina Bracken, Amrik Tumber, Bali Padda, Sheila Kumar, Claudette Clark.

Made possible with the support of SBW, Education & learning foundation, Jaipur Asset Management, Jarrod Crellin


“An irresistible blend of music, movement, puppetry and arresting performances... For one of our smallest companies to reach out so far beyond themselves to make a difference in the world is remarkable. One of the most ambitious companies in the country” Cassie Tongue, Time Out

2017 November: Night slows down by Philip James Rouse

Dir: Phil Rouse; Producer: Shell McKenzie, John Harrison; With: Andre de Vanny, Danielle King, Johnny Nasser

A bAKEHOUSE / Don’t Look Away co production

“Confronting and compelling” Broadway World

2018 February: VISITING HOURS 2.0

By John Harrison, Com Costi, Mike Costi; Producers: John Harrison, Andrew McMartin, Suzanne Millar

With: Arisa Yura, Cheyne Fynn, Derbail Kinsella, Elijah Williams, Emma White, Heather Prowse, Jasper Garner Gore, Jim McCrudden, Joshua McElroy, Katherine Shearer, Keiren Brereton, Kianah Marlena, Laura Djanegara, Mansoor Noor, Monica Sayers, Nicole Wineberg, Rebecca Claire Moret, Richard Hilliar, Rose Costi, Sarah Evans, Sheila Kumar, Suz Mawer, Tara Clark, Tom McCracken, Yannick Lawry

“first-rate...sublimely beautiful in performance, lighting and sound design" - Ben Neutze, Time Out

HERO_bAKEHOUSE presents VISITING HOURS_Elijah Williams_credit Clare Hawley.jpg

16 June: And here we are. 10 years almost to the day since the first bAKEHOUSE show. And it’s the dream team: Justin writing, John producing & Suzanne directing... Come help us celebrate the last 10 years in style! 

2018 June: DRESDEN by Justin Fleming

Dir: Suzanne Millar; Producer John Harrison

With: Yalin Ozucelik, Jeremy Waters, Renee Lim, Ben Wood, Tom Campbell, Dorje Swallow


We first said hi to James Raggatt at the start of 2016. KXT had been up and running for only a few weeks and, not long out of NIDA, James brought us a script that we thought was super interesting. We had an empty week at KXT and he got together a bunch of mates and headed into development to take a look at it all. On the back of that week James made a few changes, rewrote a bunch of stuff, and came up with the first draft of what would become YOUTH + DESTINATION. In 2017 some more time came available at KXT and so he took another look at it all.


Since that first meeting, James has kept busy. He was the lead in Spring Awakenings at ATYP in 2016. Then one of the leads in the beautiful BLINK at KXT presented by Stories Like These early in 2017. He was a rehearsal observer on The Drover at Belvoir, and assistant director on MacBeth for STCSA.

The show is now about to go into full production. Some of the original collaborators in development are a part of the cast. James has launched his new company MANIFESTO Theatre Co, the media release is out, programs are at the printers, the wine is ordered for opening night. This week they bump in, (and just quietly what they’re doing with the stage in at KXT is a little bit exciting / surprising…!)

STEP UP provides support and opportunity to new work, new artists, and new companies. YOUTH + DESTINATION is a perfect little example of how this process can work.


2018:     Dresden by Justin Fleming; YOUTH + DESTINATION by James Raggatt; Storylines by the company; Visiting Hours by John Harrison, Con Costi and Michael Costi; Two Hearts by Laura Lethlean; The Hysteric by Gretal Vella. In development StoryLines by the company; Human Activity by Katie Pollock; bAKEHOUSE / CPAC Writers Residency with Winnie Dunn

2017:     The Laden Table by Yvonne Perszuk, Nur Alam and company; Jatinga by Purva Naresh; Between the Streetlight and the Moon by Melita Rowston; Before Lysistrata by Ellena Costa; Puntila/Matti by Tobias Manderson-Galvin; Night Slows Down by Philip Rouse; A Christmas Carol by Melissa Lee Speyer and company. In development Youth + Destination by James Raggatt; Night Slows Down by Philip Rouse

2016:     Good With Maps by Noelle Janackzewska; Tiny Remarkable Bramble by Jessica Tuckwell; The Angelica Complex by Sunny Grace with Priscilla Jackman; Tanscience by Clare Hennessey; Atlantis by Paul Gilchrist; Shut Up & Drive by Paul Gilchrist. In development: The Laden Table by Yvonne Perszuk, Nur Alam and company; Jatinga by Purva Naresh; Youth + Destination by James Raggatt; Noli Mi Tangere by Peter Fleming; #LADS by Lots5   

bAKEHOUSE presents


In 2016 we saw Jess Thom’s performance of Backstage in Biscuit Land, playing at Malthouse as part of the Melbourne Festival. It was a wild ride: a challenge to what we think theatre should be, and most particularly how audiences behave in our theatres. We loved it! It was Jess’ work that has played an important role in the rising number of venues in the UK that have established RELAXED PERFORMANCES as a regular part of their seasons. It’s also now become a routine part of many seasons at US theatres.

jess thom.jpg

“A relaxed performance is a true judgement-free zone… everyone is welcome and released from the traditional expectations about sitting still and staying silent”

At KXT we believe that everyone benefits from a rich cultural life, that we ALL deserve to have access to the arts. KXT has disabled access available for all performances. Earlier in the year we were thrilled when the team at Unofficial Kerith Fanclub staged an Auslan Interpreted performance of Being Dead (Don Quixote). As a venue regularly hosting trans and queer work, we’ve worked with KX hotel management to provide all-genders bathroom facilities and appropriate signage, to make sure our audience members and artists feel safe and welcome. And just quietly, we’d love to see mums and bubs back in the foyer.

Plus we’re committed to affordability: through our Open the Door program, established in 2014, we’ve been working with not for profits to make theatre available to those whose personal circumstances mean they are unable to pay market price for their seats. Our partnership with Playwave is all about providing discount tickets for 15 – 19 year olds, and our Thursday night $20 for 20s is a regular cheap ticket.     

We can all argue the value of theatre. Perhaps it’s the opiate of the masses, a lovely relief from the pressures of an increasingly stressful life, a vehicle for important storytelling and grand ideas or simply a record of the world we live in and the world we want. But there is no question that theatre is alive and well in the heart of the city.

RELAXED PERFORMANCES are held the Wednesday following on from Opening. Everyone welcome! Get in touch and let us know what you need

The venues in the above articles are delivering on a grand scale. KXT is a small unfunded and unstaffed venue, there’s only a couple of us running things, and there are limits to what we can do. But we will continue to work to keep the theatre fully accessible. Drop us a line and tell us what you need. We'll do our best to make sure you can come along to one of the city's most exciting indie theatres



Who’s hanging out at KXT?

This week Eve Beck & Georgina Adamson brought in their tasty little morsel of madness INJEST, The Last Supper, hand in hand with Hannah Goodwin directing Pippa Ellam’s THE CAROUSEL, an honest and uncensored look at sisters. And earlier in the week we trialed an exciting new concept: UPSTART was put together and hosted by Jessica Adie.


Earlier this month Claudia Barrie directed DNA for new company Last One Standing Theatre, supported by Alyssa Stevenson on her first producing gig. DNA was recast gender neutral, with 6 women in a cast of 11, and the fab Jess-Belle Keogh was a stand out as Jill, originally written as John. Rebecca Blake took a first look at Rotterdam, working with Phoebe Lane, Ella Prince and Bobbie-Jean Henning, alongside Travis Jeffery. Up next is the Brevity Theatre production of A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing, with an all women team of Emma Diaz, Veronique Bennett, Clemmie Williams, and Isabel Hudson led by director Erin Taylor working with the sublime Ella Prince.

 DNA in rehearsal - pic from Clare Hawley

DNA in rehearsal - pic from Clare Hawley

Later this year: Kim Hardwick; Claudia Barrie; Suzanne Millar; Lucy Clements, Jess Arthur, Kristine Landon-Smith and Carissa Licciardello are all heading into the director’s chair. Writers: Annie Ryan; Clare Barron; Martyna Majok; Anna Jordan; Laura Lethlean and Gretal Vella.  

 Sarah Meacham in The Laden Table, developed at INVISIBLE CIRCUS

Sarah Meacham in The Laden Table, developed at INVISIBLE CIRCUS

since launching KXT has exceeded gender equity: in 2017 we hosted 8 female directors (7 male directors); 14 female writers (5 male writers). In 2016, our first full year of operation: 17 producers who happened to be women; 11 directors who happened to be women; 10 writers who happened to be women.

We wrapped up our first year hosting INVISIBLE CIRCUS, a month long festival celebrating the work of women, co-curated by Siren Theatre and bAKEHOUSE Theatre Co, with plays written, directed, developed and performed by women.

Sometimes you’ve just got to get the job done.

 Phoebe Lane + Bobbie-Jean Henning, in development 

Phoebe Lane + Bobbie-Jean Henning, in development 

“There was nothing for people like me – millennial girls – and I was struggling to find writing that talked like I did, or spoke about the things I speak about.
— Pippa Ellams, speaking to Audrey Journal

BEING DEAD (DON QUIXOTE) by Kerith Manderson-Galvin


6 - 10 MARCH

Written & performed by  KERITH MANDERSON-GALVIN


"a glorious mess with a serious purpose" Daily Review

A dangerous quest of literary theft, build-your-own identity and post-anarchy. Being Dead (Don Quixote) steals from Cervantes, Barbie™ and instant porn.  Don Quixote is the idol you deserve.


Kerith Manderson-Galvin’s sensational and ever evolving signature work has alienated and captivated audiences and now debuts in Sydney at KXT. Infamous Queer Femme Kerith Manderson-Galvin (AKA Unofficial Kerith Fan Club) rips off the original rip-off artist Kathy Acker et al. in this ongoing project purposefully rewritten to Manderson-Galvin’s own shifting identity. 

From the chaotic and critically acclaimed company that brought Sydney ‘Puntila/Matti’, ‘The Eternity of the World’, and ‘Unsex Me’ - MKA Theatre of New Writing.

Additional Text Kathy Acker / Miguel de Cervantes / Barbie Commercials
Composer/Musician Jules Pascoe
Lighting Jason Crick
Scenography Kerith + Tobias Manderson-Galvin
Production MKA


"real beauty at its heart" Cassie Tongue, TIME OUT

"perversely delightful...something magical" Suzy Wrong, SUZY GOES SEE

"it exists to make one feel" SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE




THE CAROUSEL by Pippa Ellams


30 & 31 March 7.30 pm

a part of the KXT2018 STEP UP FESTIVAL

CAROUSEL hero.jpg

Christa and Jamie are sisters. Together they are embarking upon the treacherous transition between girlhood and womanhood. Christa wants Jamie to start living, Jamie refuses to leave the house.

Written by Pippa Ellams and directed by Hannah Goodwin, The Carousel was shortlisted for the Rodney Seaborne Playwrights Award in 2015 and was developed through ArtsLab. Fresh off the back of a successful season at Merrigong, this strictly limited run of The Carousel will close KXT's Step Up Festival .


In March 2018 we're dedicating a month to The Next Big Thing. Come meet our Step Up team and take a peek at their work. Discover new plays in development. Take a first glance at the work of some of Sydney's newest and most exciting emerging artists: writers, directors, producers, designers all testing their wings.

At KXT we're investing in risk. 

DIRECTOR / ACTOR Hannah Goodwin is a member of the KXT2018 Step Up team. She spoke with AUDREY JOURNAL “Artists come to KXT to earn their stripes,” says actor-director Hannah Goodwin. “I haven’t worked here before now but I know artists are coming here because they can be ambitious.”



ROTTERDAM by Jon Brittain  

in development 5 - 11 MARCH

STAGED READING Sunday 11 March 3.00 pm FREE


WITH: Ella Prince, Phoebe Lane, Bobbie-Jean Henning, Travis Jeffery



This Olivier Award-winning comedy tells a contemporary love story from a refreshing and intimate perspective, taking us on a very funny and very human ride through questions about gender, identity, family and love.

Consultant: Nathan Juhansz

Produced by Amy Morcom; Stage Manager: Jessica Pantano;  Sound: Caitlin Porter

made possible by the support of the Australian Theatre for Young People

ROTTERDAM_in dev(edit)1.jpg


In March 2018 we're dedicating a month to The Next Big Thing. Come meet our Step Up team and take a peek at their work. Discover new plays in development. Take a first glance at the work of some of Sydney's newest and most exciting emerging artists: writers, directors, producers, designers all testing their wings.

At KXT we're investing in risk. 

INJEST by Georgina Adamson



27 - 29 March

With: Jesse Alston, Hudson Emery, Madelaine Osborn

Lighting: Kelsey Lee Set: Camille Ostrowsky Sound: Alex Rekers

injest banner.jpg


fast, funny and accessible, INJEST is a set menu of ridiculousness, using food to explore the questionable habits of society and pushing them to the grotesque. What’s for dinner? Sweat, blood, vomit? Would you like fries with that?

"an easily digestible 45 minutes of quirky humour and theatre magic... with such a quality show under their belt, I doubt this will be the last we hear of Sydney based theatre company, Bite Productions." - Perth Fringe (2016)

EVE BECK is a member of the KXT2018 STEP UP TEAM: 15 new and emerging practitioners: designers, directors, writers, producers, actors, and technicians. the KTXT team has worked closely with each member of the team to create a bespoke program of support.