at KXT, bAKEHOUSE is committed to providing an affordable and accessible venue. We’re invested in the sustainability of companies, artists and new work.

We’re at the forefront of diverse programming, theatre for social change, and gender equity.

We’re keeping the door open for new and emerging artists, and actively supporting and mentoring the next generation through our acclaimed STEP UP program

Through Write Up and Storytellers we lead the way in new Australian work: in 2019 we have supported the development of 8 new Australian scripts, and KXT2019 has brought 8 World Premieres to Sydney

With the establishment of the uncurated space sharing platform POPUPSTAIRS we’ve opened up more low cost space for more artists

IF YOU’VE GOT A SHOW you’d like to see as part of KXT2019, then now is the time...


FIRST UP read all this info thoroughly ++ follow the links yep, ALL of them

SEND us a short covering email telling us why this is the show you want to stage

ATTACH a single page doc with a brief overview of the show, why you reckon it should be part of the season, and details of your production and creative team, with any confirmed cast

AND a copy of the script 

PLUS evidence of the availability of rights

you must confirm rights are available before submitting

INCLUDE 2 options for preferred dates this is VERY important

ALSO your short, sexy 100-150 word marketing blurb for the show

Got an even bigger idea? No matter how ambitious or crazy, if it's something you're passionate about, we want to hear it!


EMAIL: SUBJECT LINE: KXT2020 EOI | TO: bakehousetheatrecompany@gmail.com

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE 5.00 pm Monday 30 September 2019

so good to have this new venue doing consistently good work. It’s a glory: what can happen when artists take over a room and make it their own
— David Berthold

bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company launched KXT - Kings Cross Theatre three years ago to support Sydney’s indie theatre scene and the local arts community. We offer companies heaps of support and maximum autonomy. We’re investing in a sustainable ecology for indie theatre

every KXT work in some way pushes forward the Sydney arts scene - its an opportunity for artists to experiment and create, and its a chance for the audience to see where our local performance culture is headed”
— Cassie Tongue, Time Out


want to get in on the popup fun running out of the Bordello? Popupstairs is an uncurated low cost space-sharing program, based 2 levels up from KXT on level 4 of KX Hotel, and available for short seasons. Applications are open all year round.


Since launching KXT has championed new work, providing both a platform for emerging and established writers, and a space for development


Leopardskin by Michael McStay for JackRabbit

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Little Eggs Collective for JackRabbit

A Little Piece of Ash by Megan Wilding for JackRabbit


Omar and Dawn by James Elazzi

Doing by Amy Sole for KXTPopupstairs

Sheds in the City by Charlie Vaux in dev

StoryLines for Cana Community in dev


Storytellers Festival  

Step Up Festival stay tuned

Infidelity and Enlightenment by Lauren Bonner for KXTPopupstairs

Falling Skies by Braden Frascone for KXTPopupstairs

Ignite by the writers of New Ghosts Theatre

Rosaline by Joanna Erskine

nomnomnom at KX by Roshelle Fong for KXTPopupstairs

wrap_CAROL CHO.jpg

Rudy & Cuthbert present by Toby Blome and Zelman Cressey-Gladwin for KXTPopupstairs

Surf Séance by Rachel Kerry for KXTPopupstairs

A Little History Play by Caleb Lewis for KXTPopupstairs

But You Don’t Look Sick by The C Collective in dev

UBU by Richard Hilliar for KXTPopupstairs


Honey Boo Boo Blood & Gore by Carissa Licciardello in dev

Confessions of a Custard Melon Pan by Arisa Yura in dev

Fortitude by Richard Graham in dev

Maureen, the Harbinger of Death by Jonny Hawkins for JackRabbit


“The exciting thing about going to Kings Cross Theatre is that you may well be seeing people and ideas at the beginning of their creative lives. You’re watching artists learn new performance languages, test themselves and their audiences, and offer their art in a sincere attempt to connect with an audience in the heart of Sydney. Every KXT work, in some way, pushes forward the Sydney arts scene… it’s a chance for the audience to see where our local performance culture is headed” Cassie Tongue, Time Out Sydney




The DIVE BAR is now open for the KXT community.

Artists are invited to drop in, chill out and hang out in this funky little spot, Sunday - Wednesday midday - 7.00 pm. For your exclusive use. Want a meeting? Need to get some work done? Want to book in a time for a read? Then head on into the DIVE BAR. With thanks to KX Hotel for unlocking the door

dive edit.jpg


A GIRL IN SCHOOL UNIFORM (WALKS INTO A BAR) by Lucy Radczka previews at KXT from 27 September, with bAKEHOUSE Artistic Associate Hannah Goodwin directing dream team Caitlyn Burley and Michelle Ny. To add to the excitement: producers Futura are teaming up with XFighting Krav Maga to bring you a FREE Self-Defence Workshop up on the KX Hotel rooftop following the 5pm matinne on Sunday 29th Sept

This session will sell out quickly - book now!

GISU KXT Banner B.jpg

XFIGHTING UNLEASHED believes very woman deserves to be empowered, to have strength and dignity, and to know she is valuable. Protect yourself, build valuable skills and make amazing new friends along the way.

MEDIA || WINK by Jen Silverman

Anthony Skuse and Jen Silverman chat about WINK now playing at KXT “When we seek things for which we don’t even have language, when we chase our darkest impulses, when the things we want don’t fit inside the frameworks we’ve created or bought into.”


There’s a bunch of KXT Mates Making Theatre all over Sydney…



Tanya Ronder's thrilling play is a tale of belonging, identity and the things we pass on.

Now Playing at Seymour Centre Closes Saturday 17th August



an hilariously tragic exploration of the complexity of relationships and the responsibility that friends have for each other

Previews next week 20 - 31 August


JAMES ELAZZI’s Omar and Dawn was first read as part of Storytellers Festival in 2018, curated by Joanna Erskine. Since then James has joined the Sydney Theatre Company Ermerging Writers Group. And this year, both James and Jo are finalists in the Subtlenuance Silver Gull Playwrighting Awards

You can see James latest play at the 2019 Storytellers Festival.



ANNIE STAFFORD & MAT LEE of LEGIT Theatre Co re-launched KXTeethcutting on Sunday 28 July Thanks to an incredible cast directed by WARWICK DODDRELL version 2.0 is up and running.

NEXT UP Sunday 25 August 7.30 pm AUSTRALIAN OPEN by Angus Cameron directed by Riley Spidaro. Stay tuned for cast announcement and booking link.

FREE - - but you’ll need to reserve your spot

WEDNESDAY 10 JULY the IGNITE Launch evening in the Bordello for Write Up, the KXT development program, and a part of the KXT POPUPSTAIRS program Imagery: Clare Hawley 

the NEW GHOSTS team have been hard at work ahead of the premiere production of the IGNITE collective at KXT later this year. If you enjoyed Storytellers in 2018 or were a part of the Write Up Development program this year, then you’ll want to check out UNFOLD a short festival of panels and play reads running at the Old Fitz

JULY 2019



TREVOR by Nick Jones


 “This production of Trevor does something that’s relatively rare: it makes you feel better than you did when you walked into the theatre. Having a rough day? See Trevor. It’s blisteringly fun, it’s unexpected, it’s challenging. it’ll make you laugh. And isn’t it good to laugh again?”

Cassie Tongue, TIME OUT ★★★★

“a highly entertaining, gemstone polished, force for good” Judith Greenaway ★★★★

“Wonderful stuff” Jason Blake, AUDREY ★★★★

OMAR + DAWN by James Elazzi


“an enthralling, illuminating drama of unrelenting toughness and humanity. Recommended without reservation” Diana Simmonds, STAGE NOISE

“full of heart and hurt - and unexpected collisions of Australian stories” Sean Maroney, The Music.com ★★★★ .5

impressive work by emerging Sydney playwright James Elazzi” Joyce Morgan, SMH

 ABC TV paid a visit to KXT to interview Shaun Rennie, Jamie Oxenbould and Di Adams and film some scenes from TREVOR.


the cast of CORAM BOY

coram cast_high res.jpg

Directed by John Harrison & Michael Dean

With Rebecca Abdel-Messih, Lloyd Allison-Young, Violette Ayad, Alex Beauman, Andrew Den, Ryan Hodson, Tinashe Mangwana, Suz Mawer, Emma O’Sullivan, Gideon Payten-Griffiths, Ariadne Sgouros, Annie Stafford, Amanda Stephens-Lee, Petronella Van Tienan, Joshua Wiseman




Those words you wrote that have never been heard? We want them.

Storytellers Festival @ KXT is a 2-week pop-up celebration of playwrights and words. It’s an opportunity to showcase unproduced work, share and test writing that has never been heard, and come together as a playwriting community. The Festival is curated by playwright Joanna Erskine, in association with bAKEHOUSE Theatre.

Who’s eligible? Playwrights at any stages of their writing careers.

What are we after? There are two categories for submissions:

Spotlight Full-length, unproduced plays at, or close to, final draft stage. A small number of Spotlight plays will be selected for staged readings during the festival. Each Spotlight play will be presented once during the Festival.

House Lights Small pieces that you would like to share. It could be a scene, a short play, a song, a monologue, something that got cut from another work and has yet to find a home. We’ll curate each House Lights program using work submitted. We intend for each House Lights program to have two showings during the Festival.

poison mother team.jpg

What’s the selection criteria? We are looking to program:

·         A diverse mix of playwrights

·         A diverse range of writing styles and content

·         Work that is ready, or almost ready for, production (Spotlight category)

·         Work that is ready to be tested with an audience, but may still be in development (House Lights category)

How will it work?
We'll be in touch around mid-July to let you know if your work has been selected.

This year we will pair you with a director who will select a cast for your play/excerpt. If you have your own team that you would like to work with, please let us know on submission.

Storytellers Festival is not about polished performances, it’s about hearing the words. Actors will have scripts in hand. There will be no set, a basic lighting state, and chairs for the actors. This is about the script, not the production. 

What’s in it for writers? Storytellers Festival is a showcase of new work. The Festival provides an opportunity to share work and invite people to hear your work, to further generate audience interest in new Australian writing, create new networking opportunities for writers, and encourage industry to hear work that is ready for production. Last year many writers connected with directors, producers and other artists taking these relationships forward with their work. A number of writers had their work programmed or continued developing their work following its Festival presentation.

Ticket prices will be kept low to encourage repeat audience attendance throughout the Festival. Box office will cover costs (minimal) after which 100% of remaining box office will be shared as a remuneration for participating writers, in both Spotlight and House Lights categories.


How do I submit? Submit your application via the link below

You will be asked to:

·         Provide basic contact details

·         Provide a brief writer’s bio

·         Tell us which program/s you are applying for

·         Upload your script (Word or PDF)

·         Upload a headshot you’d be happy to use for promotion 

Submissions must be received by 5pm Sunday 30 June 2019.

Actor call out We welcome expressions of interest from actors for readers for the Festival. Please note, participation is voluntary and unpaid. Please send a one page CV and recent headshot (portrait) to storytellersfestival@gmail.com. Please title your email and headshot "2019SF_Actor_Name".

Director call out We welcome any applications from directors interested in being part of the Festival. Please note, participation is voluntary and unpaid. Please send a one page CV and recent headshot (portrait) to storytellersfestival@gmail.com. Please title your email and headshot "2019SF_Director_Name".

Questions? Contact Festival Director Joanna Erskine at storytellersfestival@gmail.com



★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★


presented by White Box Theatre + Hasemann Ball and Rada

though provoking …weirdly entertaining – Broadway World

hilarious and heartbreaking – State of the Art

The energy of a committed cast binds you to your chair – Audrey Journal



presented by Montague Basement 

A visceral experience – Suzy Goes See

feels fresh half a century on and half a world away – Audrey Journal

A vibrant piece that stands out amongst Sydney's theatre scene – Playwave



devised and directed by Roshelle Fong


will have you both laughing and crying. Just be prepared to do some pretty strange things for the sake of customer service – theatre travels



… TO HANNAH GOODWIN 2019 recipient of the ATYP Rose Byrne scholarship for Emerging Female Leader in the Arts. Hannah is a bAKEHOUSE Artistic Associate. She was a member of the KXT Step Up team in 2018, a part of the directing team on Justin Fleming’s Dresden, and directed collaborator Pippa Ellam’s production of The Carousel, featured in the 2018 Step up Festival at KXT. In September she directs A Girl in School Uniform (Walks into a Bar) for KXT2019.


… TO JAMES ELAZZI recently announced as a member of the STC Emerging Writers Group. We’re thrilled to be hosting the world premiere of James’ first full length play OMAR AND DAWN, presented by Apocalypse Theatre Co + Green Door Theatre, directed by Dino Dimitriadis with Maggie Blinco, Lex Marinos, Antony Makhlouf, Mansoor Noor playing July.


Congratulations to the other members of the group: Wendy Mocke; Enoch Mailangi; and Jordyn Fulcher. You can see Jordyn on stage in the cast of DOING now playing in the Bordello Room for KXT Popupstairs


Jasper Lindsay Lee has just finished up a run in ATYP’s Follow Me Home

Emma Wright wrapped a long season in the lead role in Pygmalion at the New theatre, heading into auditions for the first season of her play Hairworm (seen last year in the Storytellers festival) before a tour with monkey baa. Emma is currently on Step Up placement on the Outhouse Production of TREVOR, previews Friday 14 June

Bernadette Fam’s production company Green Door ran a hugely  successful season of James Elazzi’s Lady Tabouli as part of Griffin’s Batch Festival

Amy Sole launched her company Puddle or Pond, and is now about to head into her first staging of her original play Doing, in the Bordello as part of KXT’s Popupstairs program from xx June. Cast includes fellow step up team member Nicole Pingon last seen in the Little Eggs sold out season of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner for JackRabbit theatre 

Emily Buxton has just wrapped of a run of of Deb Oswald’s The Peach Season 

Hannah Fulton’s comedy squad The General Public ran a sell out season as part of Melbourne’s comedy festival 

Lucia May was in the cast of Mercury Fur just closed after an acclaimed season at KXT. Jodi Robinowitz jumped on board the show for her step up placement after closing the Seymour centre season of her play Samo is Dead

Earlier in the year Jules Orcullo has worked with all sorts of legends developing her play TWENTY ONE SIXTY FIVE at Q Theatre. Most recently she was on the development tram for Belvoir’s Fangirls by Yve Blake 

over achievers…


Hi-Jacked Rabbit… what’s THAT about?


Providing opportunity and support for new companies, new artists and new work is a part of the bAKEHOUSE DNA. We’ve been doing it since we first kicked off eleven years ago, and we formalised it all at KXT in 2018 with the Step Up program. We’ve had the great privilege of being in the room when someone falls in love with acting and when a new play is born. When a half-made play finds its way. We’ve taken a chance on new designers and young directors and we’ve seen them rise to the occasion and flourish. New companies have launched at KXT, and emerging companies have built their work.

In their few short years of producing, JACKRABBIT THEATRE  have supported an incredible amount of new Australian work, backing first time writers, emerging producers and young directors in a way that few other indie companies in Sydney can match.

In January 2018 they kicked off the KXT season with Will O’Mahoney’s wonderful Tonsils + Tweezers. And we wondered what might happen if they had a home.

Well, this happened...

JR banner.jpg

Hi-JackedRabbit presented by JackRabbit Theatre, in partnership with bAKEHOUSE Theatre Co, Little Eggs, and Cross Pollinate productions, and made possible by the support of KINGS CROSS HOTEL



The bAKEHOUSE STEP UP team consists of 10 new and emerging practitioners: designers, directors, writers, producers, actors, and technicians. KXT works closely with each member of the team to create a bespoke program of support, and facilitate opportunities to work alongside some of indie theatre’s leading practitioners.


26 February - 1 March

JACKRABBIT THEATRE kicked off their Hi-Jacked Rabbit season with a double bill of what they do best: new, fast, and loud

TWO’S A COMPANY by Sarah Greenwood

Have you suffered through love before? Come and commiserate.

Dir: Charlie Davenport

With: Sarah Greenwood, Jack Scott, Brittany Santariga, Will McNeill, Shannon Ryan and Emma O’Sullivan

TECHNICAL: Charlie Vaux | PHOTOGRAPHY: Clare Hawley



We’re here. We’re Queer. We have everything to fear. A Mardi Gras Sketch Comedy

“Creative and clever, the work encompasses virtually all that is resonating within our immediate zeitgeist, effectively shaping itself into a condensed representation of our life and times. highly recommended”

- - Suzy Goes See

Written and Performed by
Salem Barrett-Brown, Danni Paradiso and Rory Nolan

TECHNICAL: Charlie Vaux | PHOTOGRAPHY: Clare Hawley