STEP UP the philosophy

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bAKEHOUSE on opportunities, collaboration, diversity. Taking risks and saying Yes. And championing new and emerging artists, companies and work

Since opening three years ago, we’ve been excited to welcome in early stage directors, actors, producers, writers, designers, operators and to champion their work.  We love the fearlessness of youth, the ambition and passion that drives them headlong into risky and dangerous work. The drive to succeed and the willingness to fail. Some of the best bAKEHOUSE work has been bold, brave, ambitious. Occasionally flawed. Many times not. But we’ve been able to hone our craft because someone somewhere took a chance on us.

Someone said Yes.

There have been a lot of No’s. We pitched The Laden Table and Jatinga to all the venues and companies over three years, and they all said No. We took a world premiere script by an award winning living Australian legend to some of Sydney’s most accessible curated seasons and they didn’t like it *Dresden by Justin Fleming finally played a sold out season at KXT in June 2018. We were long listed for multiple seasons, and short listed for others and went to the meetings and wrote the submissions and they still said No. Sometimes we were invited in. For about 6 years we didn’t have enough experience. Then we'd been around too long. Then the work was too ambitious. The teams untried. The ideas too big. Or risky.

But we got enough Yes’s to make it work. To make the work.



Curating KXT was a steep learning curve. It’s a circus act, juggling what’s best for a venue, the artists, the audiences. The community. Our partners. We want to keep it accessible and affordable. We want the work to be ambitious and new and exciting and challenging and entertaining. And successful. We want to nurture the existing audience and grow a new one. We want to help existing companies to sustainability, supporting those indie legends that continue to bring world class theatre to Sydney at affordable prices. While providing opportunities to new and emerging companies.

Its not possible to be all things to all people. But we took some time to reflect on what we’ve done, what we’re doing and what we want to do. And the next big thing is the next big thing.


the next big thing is the next big thing


We work with each team member to shape their role at KXT. For some that may mean assisting on bAKEHOUSE productions, working with designers or directors. For others, it may be that we work with you on your script development. Or introduce you to people who might champion your work. Perhaps you just want to hang out at KXT, come to the shows, help out with FOH, learn how to operate the desk, sit next to some experienced designers, or producers, or directors. Maybe you want to come sit in on some rehearsals. Or find out about auditions. Help at auditions. Perhaps you've got a project you want to run that you reckon is a good fit for bAKEHOUSE & KXT. We'll make a time to have a chat about it. 

You’ll get free tickets to the shows, opportunities to meet and work with some of Sydney’s indie legends, and the chance to pitch for full productions and developments.

2013 TWO CHAIRS in development with Cheyne Fynn, Jarrod Crellin & Elijah Williams

2013 TWO CHAIRS in development with Cheyne Fynn, Jarrod Crellin & Elijah Williams


In the first 6 months of 2017 KXT hosted 3 developments, 1 staged reading, and 2 full productions of developments from 2016. We got the ball rolling on Danny & Hugo's  KXTeethcutting project. Patrick & Victor and Jacquline and Ryan from ARRIVE.DEVISE.REPEAT took another look at the gorgeous GOTTERDAMMERUG, and Montague Basement ran their whirlwind season of BEFORE LYSISTRATA. We opened the door to FREEFALL productions for the Australian Premiere of White Rabbit Red Rabbit

and then it got big … 2018

Tonsils & Tweezers with JackRabbit theatre

Visiting Hours John Harrison & Michael Dean working with Con & Michael Costi

Are We Awake by Charles O’Grady with Daniel Monks

Being Dead by Kerith Manderson-Galvin

the STEP UP FESTIVAL with Last One Standing Theatre, The Carousel from Pip and Han Inc, the first Upstart, Bite Productions & developments

YOUTH + DESTINATION played an extraordinarily successful season

new company The Anchor launched Laura Lethlean with the beautiful TWO HEARTS

New Ghosts staged their first full length play

and Jo Erskine launched the first STORYTELLERS FESTIVAL

all alongside work from Alex Berlarge, Workhorse Theatre, Mad March Hare, Brevity theatre and Erin Taylor, Kim Hardwick, bAKEHOUSE and Suzanne Millar

But bAKEOUSE has been doing this for a while now: big love and a bAKEHOUSE shout out to Harry Tseng, Danielle Jackson, Monica Sayers, Alice Kheovong, Elijah Williams, Constantine Costi, Joshua McElroy, Clare Hennessey, John Goodway, Arisa Yura, Dino Dimitriadis, Michael Dean, Guy Simon, Ben Wood, Michael Costi, Randa Sayed, Belinda Jombwe, Jessica Paterson, Mansoor Noor, Suz Mawer, and a whole crowd of other wonderful artists who've been a part of a bAKEHOUSE project.

Who said Yes. 

every KXT work in some way pushes forward the Sydney arts scene - its an opportunity for artists to experiment and create, and its a chance for the audience to see where our local performance culture is headed”
— Cassie Tongue, Time Out Sydney