Those words you wrote that have never been heard? We want them.

Storytellers Festival @ KXT is a 2-week pop-up celebration of playwrights and words. It’s an opportunity to showcase unproduced work, share and test writing that has never been heard, and come together as a playwriting community. The Festival is curated by playwright Joanna Erskine, in association with bAKEHOUSE Theatre.

Who’s eligible? Playwrights at any stages of their writing careers.

What are we after? There are two categories for submissions:

Spotlight Full-length, unproduced plays at, or close to, final draft stage. A small number of Spotlight plays will be selected for staged readings during the festival. Each Spotlight play will be presented once during the Festival.

House Lights Small pieces that you would like to share. It could be a scene, a short play, a song, a monologue, something that got cut from another work and has yet to find a home. We’ll curate each House Lights program using work submitted. We intend for each House Lights program to have two showings during the Festival.

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What’s the selection criteria? We are looking to program:

·         A diverse mix of playwrights

·         A diverse range of writing styles and content

·         Work that is ready, or almost ready for, production (Spotlight category)

·         Work that is ready to be tested with an audience, but may still be in development (House Lights category)

How will it work?
We'll be in touch around mid-July to let you know if your work has been selected.

This year we will pair you with a director who will select a cast for your play/excerpt. If you have your own team that you would like to work with, please let us know on submission.

Storytellers Festival is not about polished performances, it’s about hearing the words. Actors will have scripts in hand. There will be no set, a basic lighting state, and chairs for the actors. This is about the script, not the production. 

What’s in it for writers? Storytellers Festival is a showcase of new work. The Festival provides an opportunity to share work and invite people to hear your work, to further generate audience interest in new Australian writing, create new networking opportunities for writers, and encourage industry to hear work that is ready for production. Last year many writers connected with directors, producers and other artists taking these relationships forward with their work. A number of writers had their work programmed or continued developing their work following its Festival presentation.

Ticket prices will be kept low to encourage repeat audience attendance throughout the Festival. Box office will cover costs (minimal) after which 100% of remaining box office will be shared as a remuneration for participating writers, in both Spotlight and House Lights categories.


How do I submit? Submit your application via the link below

You will be asked to:

·         Provide basic contact details

·         Provide a brief writer’s bio

·         Tell us which program/s you are applying for

·         Upload your script (Word or PDF)

·         Upload a headshot you’d be happy to use for promotion 

Submissions must be received by 5pm Sunday 30 June 2019.

Actor call out We welcome expressions of interest from actors for readers for the Festival. Please note, participation is voluntary and unpaid. Please send a one page CV and recent headshot (portrait) to Please title your email and headshot "2019SF_Actor_Name".

Director call out We welcome any applications from directors interested in being part of the Festival. Please note, participation is voluntary and unpaid. Please send a one page CV and recent headshot (portrait) to Please title your email and headshot "2019SF_Director_Name".

Questions? Contact Festival Director Joanna Erskine at