Value Adding

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a HUGE SHOUT OUT to indie theatre… you’re looking good.

this is a massive THANK YOU to all the teams that put time into their submissions for KXT2019. We received almost 150 EOIs. Audacious, bold, ambitious and adventuours. Submissions of new work, and new ideas for old work. Amazing teams filled with incredible artists. And all to be done with passion, favours, beers and a mountain of low budget brilliance.

we do read them all. Every one of them. So it takes a bit of time getting things sorted. We’ve been working our way through things: if you haven’t heard from us HOLD TIGHT!! We’ll be in touch!

September was all about VALUE ADDING at KXT: KX Collaborations; PSAs; Fringe With Benefits; the Glasshouse and Sydney Fringe Festival meant that KX Hotel was abuzz with performance. Our highlights included:

EVERYBODY LOSES: presented by Doppelgangster arriving in Sydney after a whirlwind world tour including Singapore, London and Paris.

PYJAMA SUNDAYZ: popped into Level 4 for their own unique brand of performance art

NO STRINGS ATTACHED: KXT Artistic Associate Rebecca Blake & bAKEHOUSE Artistic Director John Harrison let the puppets out to play

THE GLASSHOUSE: Sydney’s newest venue opened its doors to the musicians. Stay tuned for more

Over the past almost-3 years, we’ve worked with companies at KXT to raise awareness and funds for an extraordinary number of Not For Profits.

Including NOW; Chris O’Briens Lighthouse; Lymphoma Australia; Australian Lung Foundation; My Body My Right; AAWC; LBW Foundation; Cana community;
Loretto College; All Saints African Centre and many many more.

this month NEW GHOSTS THEATRE CO supports the Blue Knot Foundation with an additional performance, SATURDAY 13 OCTOBER at 1.00 pm. Proceeds of this Saturday's matinee will be used to provide support, education and resources for the families and communities of adult survivors of childhood trauma.

This show will be followed by a panel discussion with special guest Associate Professor Rita Shackel of the University of Sydney, along with director and cast.


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