KXT has an impressive track record supporting new companies and new work. Since launching only 3 years ago we have championed new work from: James Raggatt, Charles O’Grady, Purva Naresh, Yvonne Perzsuk & Co, Pippa Ellams, Michael Costi, Tobias Manderson-Galvin, Justin Fleming, Melita Rowston, Purva Naresh, Amelia Roper, Philip Rouse,  Noëlle Janaczewska, Jessica Tuckwell, Clare Hennessy, and more. This year, Joanna Erskine’s Storytellers Festival, a platform for playwrights and their work, brought an additional 29 writers to KXT. In 2016 Good With Maps premiered as part of INVISIBLE CIRCUS and this year the award winning production from Siren Theatre toured regional NSW. With Dresden, Jatinga, The Laden Table, Visiting Hours and Night Slows Down, bAKEHOUSE has brought to the KXT stage 5 ambitious new works in less than 3 years.

New companies have been born here, while young companies have found their feet: Last One Standing Theatre, Manifesto Theatre, Some Company, Rocket Productions, Pip and Han Inc, The Anchor, Haseman, Ball & Radda, and more. Seasons at KXT mix new and emerging artists alongside established and experienced ones. In 2018 directors Kristine Landon-Smith, Kim Hardwick, Claudia Barrie, Suzanne Millar and Jessica Arthur shared the season with James Raggatt, Hannah Goodwin, Eve Beck and Sarah Hadley. In 2015 we met with James Raggatt, opening the doors of KXT for the first development of his original script, then titled King Hit. With ongoing development support in 2016 and 2017, this became Youth + Destination, and played as part of the KXT2018 season.

“somewhere in our DNA we know that stories are out there to help us understand what we’re doing here on this planet” Theresa Rebeck