things to know if you’re coming to see a show at KXT…

• we’re on the second floor of Kings Cross Hotel, across the road from the coke sign.

kxh front.jpg

from the ground floor bar: head up the stairs to level 1 balcony bar - - you’ll see this sign on the door by the pool table.


make a pit stop at the bar as you walk past. You can bring your drinks into the theatre. 

TIP: maybe buy a show drink? Each season the cool cocktail makers at KX hotel come up with a themed drink to go with the show. Right now it’s the Vaudeville Spritz, a little bit of strawberry infused rose inspired French fun. Show drinks are all only $10 

• nearest bathrooms are on that level too

• yep, there’s an excellent kitchen in the hotel with excellent food. But make sure you arrive early, cause you can’t bring food into the theatre. Not sure if you’ve got time? Then let the bar staff know you’re going to the show and check to make sure


• if the stairs are a problem for you then we have lift access to the theatre. We’ll pop down before the show and check to see if anyone needs a hand. It’s a little bit of a rigmarole but we’re super happy to get that done for those of you that need it: accessible theatre is important to us. But it’s not a convenience thing - our stage managers are really busy getting the show on for you - if you can make your way up without assistance it’s an easy walk, so please do head on up. 

• doors at KXT open 30mins before the show. Sometimes we might be a little late opening: we’re an indie venue and there’s only a few people getting stuff done. We’re super grateful to our audiences for their patience 

15 mins before the show is due to start we’ll open up the foyer. We keep that closed because of the open layout of the theatre. Sometimes actors need to warm up and we want them to be able to get ready for the show. 

• Seating at KXT is not reserved, and there are no bad seats! They all have great sight lines (and none of them have cushions ...) So there’s no need to queue up. 

• from time to time we might start the show late. We try to make sure we start at 7.30 but sometimes everyone arrives at box office at 25 past 7 and it’s not possible to process that many tickets quickly. You could help us get started on time by picking up your ticket earlier. Why not get in when doors open at 7.00 then go buy that drink? 

BUT don’t count on a late start! Mostly we get it going on time, and like all indie venues KXT doesn’t admit latecomers. NO REFUNDS for latecomers

• our FOH personnel are all volunteers. If you’re unhappy about something please don’t give them an earful! We need these kind and generous people to give up their nights and weekends to keep the theatre going and they deserve our thanks! If you’ve got a concern about KXT or the hotel then the best way to deal with that is to email us via the contact us page in the website 

we like to stage shows that other venues wont do: risky unknown stuff. So sometimes they’re a bit racy with a bunch of content warnings. Or they’re new. Or it’s adult content. Don’t be offended! You can read up on the shows over on the website. It’s good to do that before you book your ticket

• KXT admits under 18s. We love our young theatre goers, and want you to fall in love with KXT and come back for years and years and years! But KXT is in the most regulated area in Sydney, so be prepared to say hi to security ++ if you’re under 30 KXT runs discount nights just for you: Thursday is our $20 for 20s, the cheapest ticket in town. Book online and bring ID. 

• when we first started up not much was happening in the cross. But things are changing and there will often by bands, events or live music happening on other levels. We work closely with hotel management to control noise spill and we’re pretty sure it won’t disrupt your enjoyment of the show.

But if you do hear some distant sound we like to think of it as the sound of the cross coming back to life 

• questions? Problems? Concerns? Then message us via the website. But be patient, we’re unstaffed and it can take a few days for us to get back to you

what’s that about? KXT is completely unfunded. And we want to make sure all $$ got to the artists so we’re not paying anyone to reply to your emails. It’s our investment in the sustainability of independent companies. We’re kind of like a collective, a committed group of professionals working hard - for nix - to keep the doors open. We need you to know this so you’ll be kind to us! We work very hard because we believe that artists are the life blood of a city ...and the govt won’t yet give us any money.  


do you think we should get funding? Then contact city of Sydney council and tell them! We’ve asked a bunch of times but ... 

do you want to support our work? We’re mostly sorted for personnel but if you’d like to donate then get in touch! Every little bit helps 

• things are going well! but we’ve only been doing it for 3 years and we’re still building our venue loyalty. So we need you to help us spread the word. If you like the show please let everyone know. The price of a ticket goes some way towards offsetting the costs of the production - which is when artists get paid. We’ve had a few sold out seasons : which is AMAZING, Thank you!! But sometimes we’re surprised by good shows that play to small houses. Help us spread the word! 

• you can keep up by subscribing to our eNews, it’s got all the info. Or head over to our socials for the latest news as it happens