We first said hi to James Raggatt at the start of 2016. KXT had been up and running for only a few weeks and, not long out of NIDA, James brought us a script that we thought was super interesting. We had an empty week at KXT and he got together a bunch of mates and headed into development to take a look at it all. On the back of that week James made a few changes, rewrote a bunch of stuff, and came up with the first draft of what would become YOUTH + DESTINATION. In 2017 some more time came available at KXT and so he took another look at it all.


Since that first meeting, James has kept busy. He was the lead in Spring Awakenings at ATYP in 2016. Then one of the leads in the beautiful BLINK at KXT presented by Stories Like These early in 2017. He was a rehearsal observer on The Drover at Belvoir, and assistant director on MacBeth for STCSA.

The show is now about to go into full production. Some of the original collaborators in development are a part of the cast. James has launched his new company MANIFESTO Theatre Co, the media release is out, programs are at the printers, the wine is ordered for opening night. This week they bump in, (and just quietly what they’re doing with the stage in at KXT is a little bit exciting / surprising…!)

STEP UP provides support and opportunity to new work, new artists, and new companies. YOUTH + DESTINATION is a perfect little example of how this process can work.


2018:     Dresden by Justin Fleming; YOUTH + DESTINATION by James Raggatt; Storylines by the company; Visiting Hours by John Harrison, Con Costi and Michael Costi; Two Hearts by Laura Lethlean; The Hysteric by Gretal Vella. In development StoryLines by the company; Human Activity by Katie Pollock; bAKEHOUSE / CPAC Writers Residency with Winnie Dunn

2017:     The Laden Table by Yvonne Perszuk, Nur Alam and company; Jatinga by Purva Naresh; Between the Streetlight and the Moon by Melita Rowston; Before Lysistrata by Ellena Costa; Puntila/Matti by Tobias Manderson-Galvin; Night Slows Down by Philip Rouse; A Christmas Carol by Melissa Lee Speyer and company. In development Youth + Destination by James Raggatt; Night Slows Down by Philip Rouse

2016:     Good With Maps by Noelle Janackzewska; Tiny Remarkable Bramble by Jessica Tuckwell; The Angelica Complex by Sunny Grace with Priscilla Jackman; Tanscience by Clare Hennessey; Atlantis by Paul Gilchrist; Shut Up & Drive by Paul Gilchrist. In development: The Laden Table by Yvonne Perszuk, Nur Alam and company; Jatinga by Purva Naresh; Youth + Destination by James Raggatt; Noli Mi Tangere by Peter Fleming; #LADS by Lots5