done and dusted!

So Mardi Gras at KXT wrapped up last weekend. Over the last two weeks we've played host to Montague Basement's kaleidoscope; 2 series of artworks by Phillip Patterson and Lauren Marshall; Kin in development and a forum on telling trans stories, featuring our very special guests Paul Capsis and Natasha Io; and Elegies, our first musical at KXT.

Big shout out to Montague Basement, who continue their support of trans artists with Charlie O'Grady's Telescope showing at the Sight & Sound Festival later in the year. 

And a bigger shout out to the Red Line guys. We've done 2 weeks of late shows and we're cooked! How do they do it? Passion? A love for all artists? Cocaine? We're picking they've made a pact with Satan. Somewhere in the basement of the Old Fitz is a portrait of Sean, Vanessa and Andy looking like they're about a hundred and fifty years old.