Everyone’s life should be celebrated, rich or poor, no matter their background
— Julie Sneddon, Cana Community CEO

 bAKEHOUSE’s long experience with grassroots community collaborations continues when we partner with the Cana Community to present StoryLines, giving a voice to the most marginalised as they transition from prison, addictions, violence and crime and make their way back into an often unwelcoming and frightening world. Cana provides crisis accommodation, support and respite and assistance for those at risk.

For this year long project, we will be working with young writers and actors, with the support of Cana CEO Julie Sneddon and the guidance of their staff, to provide a platform for our city’s unheard voices. By pairing actors and writers with 6 of long-term Cana clients, bAKEHOUSE co-artistic directors Suzanne Millar & John Harrison will work alongside Cana staff to guide the year-long project, developing a new work for the KXT stage.

Check back for regular updates and progress events

STORYLINES is made possible by the generous support of the Seaborn, Broughton and Walford Foundation