The luscious red velvet room at Kings Cross Hotel explodes this September in a uniquely twisted and wickedly grotesque program of the off-beat and unexpected. 

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Presented by KXT - Kings Cross theatre, curated by James Raggatt and Thomas Pidd, featuring international unit Doppelgangster, with value adding from bAKEHOUSE. with thanks to our partners KINGS CROSS HOTEL



1 - 16 September

Curated by James Raggatt & Thomas Pidd

Manifesto Theatre Company and A Friendly Beast host a collaboration with some of Sydney’s most vibrant and vocal artists! New music, spoken word poetry, physical theatre, play readings, exhibitions nights, there’ll be something to explore every week throughout the Fringe Festival, as we a take over multiple levels of the Kings Cross Hotel. It’s gonna be rad… stay tuned!

MOMENTUM + DOLLAR BIN DARLINGS - Sunday 2 September 6.30 pm

JAMES WINSTON performs head of the launch of his upcoming album

LOLLIE BAG - Monday 10 September 6.00 pm

come test your artsy fartsy knowledge with great prizes

BREW 5.0 - 19 - 21 September 7.30 pm

a triple bill of contemporary choreographers bring their latest brews to the stage

EARTHQUAKE MAGNIFICENT - 23 + 30 September 9.00 pm

60s style power pop grooves and karaoke up in the clouds - limited tix available for this exclusive event BOOK NOW



17 - 22 September


From the team behind the subversive smash Puntila/Matti, EVERYBODY LOSES is a performance of a death by snake bite. In this solo performance by Welsh company Doppelgangster Dr Tom Payne informs his audience that phone signals have been blocked, the doors locked, he’s shooting up venom and nobody is leaving until he knows what it is to die.

Arriving in Sydney after a tour that has included Paris, London, Singapore and Madrid, before heading off to Athens, EVERYBODY LOSES is a 'glorious spectacle and a grave work". Drawing on the true, self-documented death of world famous herpetologist Dr Karl Patterson Schmidt, death diaries, Southern-style snake handling and the warnings of that one scientist at the start of every disaster film ever, EVERYBODY LOSES asks - "Is it too late to stop the poison?" 

Come meet the Northern Hemisphere partner of Melbourne’s MKA: Theatre of New Writing [ Puntila / Matti at KXT in 2017, Being Dead (Don Quixote) at KXT in 2018 ]

Performer - Dr Tom Payne (Artistic Director, Doppelgangster)
Writer - Tobias Manderson-Galvin (Artistic Director of Melbourne-based MKA)

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a trippy mix of events, unusual small morsels and Public Service Announcements from the KXT CROSSROADS program

THE ART OF SURVIVAL - Wednesday 12 September, 7:30pm

A KXT Public Service Announcement. bAKEHOUSE Co-Artistic Director John Harrison chats with Commander Ken from Careflight Australia, as he relives stories from the front line of Australia's local and international disaster response.

NO STRINGS ATTACHED - Monday 24th September, 7:00 - 10:00pm

bAKEHOUSE Artistic Associate Rebecca Blake and Co-Artistic Director John Harrison join forces in this puppetry workshop for actors and directors. we’re filling Level 4 of Kings Cross Hotel with wild and wonderful creatures, when the puppets come out for some very grown up play time. Led by John Harrison (Visiting Hours for Vivid and KX Hotel; His Dark Materials at ATYP) and Rebecca Blake (Blood and Bone, London 2017) with puppets created for bAKEHOUSE productions by Aleisa Jelbert (Jatinga, His Dark Materials) and Kaye Yasugi (The Wind in the Willows 2011).

MEDICINE, MAGIC & MURDER - Wednesday 26th September, 7:30pm

Meet the man behind the bAKEHOUSE smash hit Visiting Hours as he delves into his doctors bag of tricks and reboots his classic presentation of the astonishing history of anaesthesia... and some very groovy drugs. Join bAKEHOUSE Co-Artistic Director John Harrison in this highly entertaining - and just a little bit bizzaro - tour of the curiosities, quacks and charlatans who made Anaesthesia what it is today

Rethink | Reboot | Reignite

Thursday 27th 7.30 pm

we're gathering up the legends and heroes of KXT, the game changers and change makers from our panels and programs. check back for details