In 2019 we are able to announce an exciting new program - POPUPSTAIRS. Throughout the year level 4 of the KX hotel will be operating as a theatre: a new space for audacious, bold, ambitious and adventurous new work, and new ideas for old work. A home for high risk work delivered in a low risk, low budget environment.

Sydney’s indie theatre scene punches above its weight, regularly delivering more bang for your buck with passion, favours, beers and a mountain of low budget brilliance. But as the bar is lifted - as the quality of work matches and at times exceeds the main stage output -

we are at risk of losing risk.

We’re keeping things open and accessible to the newest of the new. Through the year we hope to see developments of new writing, public presentations of first-time work from new companies, and industry showings of emerging work, all within a low budget and affordable model. There’s plenty of spots available and POPUPSTAIRS is open for submissions.

We have a number of featured shows already programmed, but lots more gaps, and we can’t wait to hear from you! Get in touch and we’ll start matching shows with dates. We expect to provide a place where audiences can

expect to see the unexpected.

KXT Popupstairs 2019 features…


Phoebe Zeitgeist has been sent to the earth from a distant star to write an eyewitness account of human democracy. But Phoebe Zeitgeist has a difficulty: although she has learned the words, she doesn’t understand human language.

Variations on the phrase ‘brutal satire of the middle class’ gets thrown around a lot but Fassbinder’s 1971 masterpiece takes the cake for absurdity and unrestrained venom. Seen through the eyes of the alien Phoebe Zeitgeist, Fassbinder weaves a tapestry of petty nastiness, jealousy, insecurity, bullying and domination as an ever-shifting cast of characters move closer towards Phoebe’s orbit and their own bloody fate. Hilarious and horrifying, Blood On The Cat’s Neck is a vibrant reminder of why the German rebel remains one of the most unique and revolutionary voices in theatre history.

Directed by Saro Lusty-Cavallari; Producer Imogen Gardam


Hang onto your visor! In the site-specific, participatory experience that is nomnomnom, you will take to the mean streets of Kings Cross on your food delivery job trial. You will field calls from furious customers, deliver food to real houses and experience customer service like never before! With the trusty guidance of your perky Team Leader Trevor, your task is to complete two home deliveries as a group before your shift ends. But as one customer pulls you into her house, you discover the job’s not just about cheesy crust pizzas or spaghetti carbonara with a Coke Zero… it's about connection.

And some connections have the potential to change a customer or staff member's life forever.

Conceived, written & directed by Roshelle Fong

Featuring Francesca Waters, Nick Baldas


After their sold out production of 12 Angry Men at The Old 505, Rudy & Cuthbert - after reading reviews - have agreed that they have chemistry. Having waited a year in a storage unit for a call from The Edinburgh Fringe without anything but three really long conversations about their internet speed, they decided to pull up their socks, dust off their singlets, and head back out into the Sydney Theatre Scene. 

With their new show at KXT Popupstairs, Rudy & Cuthbert will express themselves the only way they know how: with an hour of gritty drama.

Journey with Rudy & Cuthbert as they try and forge a solid life for themselves with no skills, intelligence, or coordination. As they try and tell a story without forgetting how it goes.

Devised & Performed by Toby Blome and Zelman Cressey-Gladwin


What happens if we never stop eating? Where have all the animals gone? And just how hot is it going to get? Fear not, friends. UBU will tell you. Dragging themselves screeching into 2019 with their meaty fists, Ma and Pa Ubu will stop at nothing to reach the top. Power is what they want, and all the food, sex and money is just gravy.

The cream of Sydney’s comedy crop launch themselves headfirst into this new interpretation of the UBU mythos. Frantic, apocalyptic and unapologetically obscene, this is a theatre experience you’ll have to see to believe. Unless the seas consume us earlier than predicted.

Also, there will be puppets. Because everything’s better with puppets.

Directed by Richard Hilliar; Producer Nicole Wineberg; Production Design Courtney Westbrook; Lighting Design Benjamin Brockman; Sound Design Tegan Nicholls

Featuring Gabriel Fancourt


Enter an abandoned Tiki Bar and discover a world of paranormal mystery, teenage melodrama, and 1960s dance numbers. This is the fun and frightening world of Surf Seance, An Occult Magick Beach Party at Cuttlefish Cove.

One year ago, Shawn (the town’s most popular teenage surfer) mysteriously disappeared. Presumed dead, his fellow teeny-bopper surfer dudes and dudettes are going to hold a seance (and weenie-roast!) to try to find out what really happened. Was he murdered by Burton, his jealous best friend? Peggy thinks it was aliens! Or maybe it was BONGO JOHNNY?

Equal parts silly and spooky, Surf Seance is an interactive performance parody of 1960s teen surfer films. Directed by Rachel Kerry and designed by Brianna Russell, audience members will interact with an oddball collection of characters, gather clues, and witness plot twists until the final climactic reveal of what really happened at Cuttlefish Cove.

Conceived, written & directed by Rachel Kerry; Production Design Brianna Russell; Choreography Harrison Sweeney