Betty is an actress. Betty is a heroine. Betty is the next victim.

A silent film actress is kidnapped, her leading man is locked up in the next room. Finding themselves at the crux of a murder mystery, they test the lengths they must go to break out of the roles they were built for. What is part of the show and which part is not?

BETTY BREAKS OUT is based on The Second Nick, an unpublished story by British 1920s thriller author Maurice G. Kiddy.

Writer: Liz Hobart Director: Ellen Wiltshire

CAST: Annie Stafford & Tommy Misa

Production Designer: Isabella Andronos Sound Designer: Alexander Lee-Rekers Lighting Designer: Sophie Pekbilimli presented by: life after productions

27 August - 7 September


in the KX HOTEL Bordello Room


Written by Brayden Frascone Directed By Carly Fisher With Daniel Moxham and Gregory Wilken


The Skylight Club is the best gay bar in all of Pittsburgh, but after the death of its lead entertainer, bartender Curtis Jackson must come to terms with the hatred of the world outside its walls

a part of the Theatre Travels NO : INTERMISSION One Act Play Festival

playing as a double bill with INFIDELITY AND ENLIGHTENMENT by Lauren Bonner


in the KX HOTEL Bordello Room


Written by Lauren Bonner Directed By Liam Shand Egan With Gia Cohen, James Ong, Matthew Pritchard, Nic Westwood

an hilarious one act comedy exploring the pitfalls of ageing, love and marriage.

a part of the Theatre Travels NO : INTERMISSION One Act Play Festival

in the KX HOTEL Bordello Room

Playing as a double bill with FALLING SKIES by Brayden Frascone

JULY 2019



work in development

KXT is supporting the further development of new work by opening the doors to the new popup space in the hotel’s BORDELLO Room as part of the KXTPOPUPSTAIRS program. we’re welcoming in a bunch of theatre makers and offering up time to a heap of new works all at various stages of early development.

But You Don’t Look Sick 

A comedy about four friends who all have one thing in common - their mind and body hates them. 

This black comedy follows four unique journeys across the healthcare system. But don’t worry, it’s funny because you know, being sick is depressing. Based on real life experience, it’s honest, provocative and has terrible bedside manners. 

But You Don’t Look Sick is not a show we are making, it’s one we are living. by The C Collective

Honey Boo Boo Blood & Gore

Think Toddlers & Tiaras meets Lord of the Flies mashed-up with Carrie. Then you’re getting close to the essence of this dark and sparkly new piece by Glitterbomb, devised with the company.

Director Carissa Licciardello, Dramaturg Luke Yager, Designer Nick Fry, Movement Director/Fight Choreographer Jack Crumlin

Confessions of A Custard Melon Pan

is a bilingual one woman show exploring the complexity, humour and absurdity of an Australian Japanese diasporic experience through text, sound and physical performance.

Written and performed by Arisa Yura / Directed by Courtney Stewart

Fortitude by Richard Graham

The exploration of what happens when a beloved son abuses his family’s trust. His brutal motives will divide then dismantle the close knit family.

Sheds in the City

three queers try to make their livelihood in Sydney. Much to their distress its harder to get along here than in the country. By Charles Vaux

The IGNITE Collective

GIRL BAND by Katy Warner, JOAN by Natesha Somasundaram, RUPTURED by Ciella Williams, PSYCHOPATH by Gretel Vella

residency features the New Ghosts Scratch Night on Wednesday 10th July

launch pic_faces.jpg

JUNE 2019



Featuring Mathilde Anglade, Amy Victoria Brooks, Alex Francis, Jordyn Fulcher, Phoebe Grainer, Cameron Hutt,  Nicole Pingon, Michaela Savina, Davey Seagle, Cassie Smith, Nicole Wineberg 

and featuring Lex Marinos 

SOLD OUT(2).png

Composer Ali Zoghi || Costume Design Siobhán Jett O’Hanlon || Set Design Lucy McCullough || Stage Manager Angela Atkinson || Marketing Manager  Felicity Anderson || Photography: Clare Hawley

Produced by Stephanie Black & Gareth Sole

DONG transfers to the KXT stage in September 2019 as part of the Step Up Festival

?? WHY ??

There’s wonderful work being delivered in little venues all across Sydney. And yes, those indie budgets are tiny compared with the money spent on the big ticket shows at the top end of town. But that $10k or $20k is someone’s actual money, more than likely from a couple of max-ed out credit cards belonging to a passionate producer who’s rolling the dice on ticket sales. And that kind of financial pressure can easily set the stage for safe programming. Its all so risky anyway, and there’s so much at stake, why would you speculate with that hard-earned cash?

We’ve certainly moved on from the view that work produced in the indie sector is an audition for main stage – opportunities are limited and pathways unclear, so there seems to have been a collective re-positioning of our work: lets do the show we believe in. the one that makes the pulse beat a little quicker.

But those budgets…

The KXT bAKEHOUSE Popupstairs program is for high risk work delivered in a low risk, low budget environment. Sell 25 tickets at $20 each and you’ve covered the week. The rest is gravy. BUT

and this is a very important but…

POPUPSTAIRS is not a home for building your business. Its a place for building your work. The clues in the name: POPUP. Seasons are one week, with some interrupted access. You’re getting minimal support from us (because we’re unfunded and unstaffed). Which is why we’ve kept hire costs cheap and ticket prices low.

This is a space for your passion project, for a first look at that original script, for that strange something that you’d like to spend some time developing. . Its a birth place for new work, new ideas, new companies

This year Kings Cross Hotel is hosting movement work, a site-specific adaptation of a German great, a nuts take on a classic, heaps and heaps of new writing, and maybe even a little bit of dance theatre. There won’t be fancy posters or glossy programs, the chairs are orange and the lighting is limited. We prob won’t have a heap of promo going on. But you can expect to see the unexpected



for all the information and to apply for POPUPSTAIRS


MAY 2019

SOLD OUT(2).png

KXT is thrilled to be able to help out our KX neighbours Griffin theatre.

A Little History Play brings together theatre, indie role-playing games, and board game design into three glorious nights of revolution.

Each night, participants form a newly elected government tasked with steering a fledgling nation through uncertain times, reacting to crises and passing laws, knowing full well their actions will reverberate through history.

At the end of one hour, each group will commemorate its reign, leaving a monument for future generations. And on the next night, another group sits down to play, inheriting this world some decades later, to rule for themselves… at least for a while.



The KXT Bordello Pop-Up space has a standard lighting rig that will be provided to all hirers. Any changes made to this rig by visiting designers must be reverted back to this plot prior to leaving the venue at the end of any season.

Inventory The standard lighting inventory includes:

  • Control ETC Nomad Dongle Kit ETC “Gadget” Mac Mini

  • Dimming and Distribution 1 x LSC RED 12/10A Dimmer 1 x LSC Powerpoint 12/10A Distro

  • Lighting & Fixtures 6 x Quad 7 Led Pars 8 x 1.2K Fresnels 1 x small Profile In addition, 6 cyclorama lights are available from KXT, however no other KXT lights are available for the Bordello Pop-Up space.

  • Power and Data Cabling The space does not have an installed cabling system, but relies on several single cables that run from the dimmer area into the grid. There are a limited number of spare power and data cables.

Fire Visiting designers and technicians should note that the theatre has multiple fire sprinklers installed in the roof, several of which are in close proximity to lighting bars. Extreme care should be taken when working near the sprinklers. Fixtures hung in close proximity may activate the sprinkler system which reacts to increased temperatures. Sprinklers can also be activated if they are knocked by people working close to them.

Fog, Haze and other Atmospherics Visiting companies companies wanting to use smoke, fog haze etc are to seek permission from the theatre manager prior to bringing in or utilizing any smoke-creating devices or props



A week of stand-up comedy, poetry, music and more from the emerging artists of Sydney. 


Tuesday 19th - Come-Out Comedy 7.00 pm
Come-out with us on a night of emerging and established comedians from around Sydney sharing in a fun evening of queer, straight and everything-in-between comedy with Lauren Bonner, Zoe Sitaz, Zach Goldfinch + more

Wednesday 20th - Pop-Up Poets 7.00 pm
An opportunity for artists around Sydney to come share their stories or those of poets before them in a mixed bag of slam, beat, ballad, song and more.

Friday 22nd - Sound and Sense 7.00 pm
Sound and Sense takes us on a far-out expedition of the senses in this weird and wild concoction of experimental sensory over-ride. Check back for participating artists



Meet the man behind the bAKEHOUSE smash hit Visiting Hours as he delves into his doctors bag of tricks and reboots his classic lecture on the astonishing history of anaesthesia... and some very groovy drugs. Join bAKEHOUSE Co-Artistic Director John Harrison in this highly entertaining - and just a little bit bizzaro - tour of the curiosities, quacks and charlatans who made Anaesthesia what it is today. head up to level 4, buy a drink from the bar, and settle into an ornate velvet chair and a night of extreme hilarity

part Drunk History... part TED talk and BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND

first staged as a part of the KXT PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT series in September 2018

“Thoroughly engrossing, and altogether everything that an evening with a difference should be … You must absolutely do it again. Such a joy!”



The Popupstairs program is an innovative use of space. Partnering with KX Hotel to share the use of the Bordello room KXT has installed a simple lighting rig, set up seating for 60, and opened the doors to Sydney’s indie mavericks.


We’re offering space, some online promotion and in-room support. The room is a multi-use venue which means that Popupstairs will operate off a fringe model suitable for short seasons of new or experimental work, on selected dates throughout the year.


  • The majority of seasons will run for one week only.

  • Each year the season will include 2 or 3 featured shows that will run over 2 weeks.

  • Venue is available to hirers from Sunday midday to Saturday midnight.

  • There may likely be some noise spill from other events on Friday and Saturday evening, which means you may need to run unorthodox show times

  • Hours of Access from 10am – midnight weeknights; and midday – midnight on Sundays

  • Performance start time 7pm. Popupstairs is not suitable for a show requiring an interval.

  • Your show will be promoted as part of the KXT Popupstairs program on KXT social media and website and will be included in our regular eNews.  

  • Weekly cost $500 venue hire + $200 bond, refunded following successful bump out

  • The Bordello Room seats 60

  • As with KXT: Popupstairs is a venue hire only arrangement and bakehouse takes no share of your box office. This means you will need to run your box office, ticketing and provide FOH personnel

  • KXT has installed a new lighting rig.

  • Due to the limits of the power sources in KX Hotel it is not possible to bring in additional lighting fixtures.

  • The room has operational speakers, subs and a mini mixer.

  • There will be a bar operating 30 mins prior to your show No bar split.

  • Site visits will be arranged as needed. Please remember that KXT is unfunded and unstaffed so this will need to be organised around team availability

POPUPSTAIRS: an uncurated space for high risk work in a low risk lo-tech environment, managed and overseen by bAKEHOUSE prod manager Andrew McMartin and KXT prod assist Charlie Vaux

a place where audiences can expect to see the unexpected.

e: for any queries



In 2019 we are able to announce an exciting new program - POPUPSTAIRS. Throughout the year level 4 of the KX hotel will be operating as a part - time theatre: a new space for audacious, bold, ambitious and adventurous new work, and new ideas for old work. A home for high risk work delivered in a low risk, low budget environment.

Sydney’s indie theatre scene punches above its weight, regularly delivering more bang for your buck with passion, favours, beers and a mountain of low budget brilliance. But as the bar is lifted - as the quality of work matches and at times exceeds the main stage output - we are at risk of losing risk.


Working with the support of the KX hotel we’re keeping things open and accessible to the newest of the new. Throughout 2019 we’re asking you to POPUPSTAIRS to the Bordello room: an uncurated space for high risk work in a low risk lo-tech environment, managed and overseen by bAKEHOUSE prod manager Andrew McMartin and KXT prod assist Charlie Vaux

a place where audiences can expect to see the unexpected.

KXT Popupstairs 2019 featured shows…


banner imagery.jpg

written by Rainer Werner Fassbinder || Translated by Denis Calandra

Directed by Saro Luxty-Cavallari Produced by Imogen Gardam

With Alex Chalwell, Jack Crumlin, Jemwel Danao, Deng Deng, Laura Djanegara, Deborah Galanos, Alice Keohavong, Emma Kew, Brendan Miles, Annie Stafford

Phoebe Zeitgeist has been sent to the earth from a distant star to write an eyewitness account of human democracy. But Phoebe Zeitgeist has a difficulty: although she has learned the words, she doesn’t understand human language.

Variations on the phrase ‘brutal satire of the middle class’ gets thrown around a lot but Fassbinder’s 1971 masterpiece takes the cake for absurdity and unrestrained venom. Seen through the eyes of the alien Phoebe Zeitgeist, Fassbinder weaves a tapestry of petty nastiness, jealousy, insecurity, bullying and domination as an ever-shifting cast of characters move closer towards Phoebe’s orbit and their own bloody fate. Hilarious and horrifying, Blood On The Cat’s Neck is a vibrant reminder of why the German rebel remains one of the most unique and revolutionary voices in theatre history.

Presented by Montague Basement

Costume design Grace Deacon Lighting Design Sophie Pekbilimli

Production Imagery: Jasmin Simmons Production Photography: Zainar Ahmed



Conceived, written & directed by Roshelle Fong
Featuring Gabrielle Chan, Roshelle Fong, Seaton Kay-Smith, Daniel Last, Susan Young and Jeeves Verma

SOLD OUT(2).png

Hang onto your visor! In the site-specific, participatory experience that is nomnomnom, you will take to the mean streets of Kings Cross on your food delivery job trial. You will field calls from furious customers, deliver food to real houses and experience customer service like never before! With the trusty guidance of your perky Team Leader Trevor, your task is to complete two home deliveries as a group before your shift ends. But as one customer pulls you into her house, you discover the job’s not just about cheesy crust pizzas or spaghetti carbonara with a Coke Zero… it's about connection.

And some connections have the potential to change a customer or staff member's life forever.

nomnomnom won the Melbourne Fringe 2018 award for Innovation in Culturally Diverse Practice and has since been adapted in East Iceland and at Testing Grounds in Melbourne, supported by City of Melbourne and Australia Council for the Arts. It will also be adapted in Shanghai, supported by the Ian Potter Cultural Trust, later in the year.  

Journey with Rudy & Cuthbert as they try and forge a solid life for themselves with no skills, intelligence, or coordination. As they try and tell a story without forgetting how it goes.


Devised & Performed by Toby Blome and Zelman Cressey-Gladwin

17 - 21 NOVEMBER 7.00 PM


After their sold out production of 12 Angry Men - and after reading the reviews - Rudy & Cuthbert have agreed that they have chemistry. Having waited a year in a storage unit for a call from The Edinburgh Fringe without anything but three really long conversations about their internet speed, they decided to pull up their socks, dust off their singlets, and head back out into the Sydney Theatre Scene. 

Join Rudy & Cuthbert in the Bordello Room at KXT as they navigate balloons and beer pong, fairy lights and conversation. And as they try to throw the biggest party that lockout law-ed Kings Cross has ever seen.


by Richard Hilliar



The Apocalypse Never Looked So Good

★★★★ shocking, funny, irreverent stuff. AUDREY JOURNAL


The cream of Sydney’s comedy crop launch themselves headfirst into this new interpretation of the UBU mythos. Frantic, apocalyptic and unapologetically obscene, this is a theatre experience you’ll have to see to believe. Unless the seas consume us earlier than predicted.

Also, there will be puppets. Because everything’s better with puppets.

Directed by Richard Hilliar Cast: Tristan Black, Lib Campbell, Rachael Colquhan-Fairweather, Emily Elise, Sam Glissan, Gideon Payton-Griffiths, Shane Russon, Idam Sondhi and Nicole Wineberg

What happens if we never stop eating? Where have all the animals gone? And just how hot is it going to get? Fear not, friends. UBU will tell you. Dragging themselves screeching into 2019 with their meaty fists, Ma and Pa Ubu will stop at nothing to reach the top. Power is what they want, and all the food, sex and money is just gravy.

Lighting Designer - Ryan McDonald Sound Designer - Tegan Nichols Costume Designer - Tanya Woodland Prop Designer - Ash Bell Producer Nicole Wineberg

SOLD OUT(1).jpeg


Enter an abandoned Tiki Bar and discover a world of paranormal mystery, teenage melodrama, and 1960s dance numbers. This is the fun and frightening world of Surf Seance, An Occult Magick Beach Party at Cuttlefish Cove.

Conceived, written & directed by Rachel Kerry

With Gemma Clinch, Elsa J Cherlin, Jacob McLean, Billie Miles, Jade Paskins, Brendan Paul, Kurt Ramjam, Emily Ritchie, Harrison Sweeney

SS hero.jpg

One year ago, Shawn (the town’s most popular teenage surfer) mysteriously disappeared. Presumed dead, his fellow teeny-bopper surfer dudes and dudettes are going to hold a seance (and weenie-roast!) to try to find out what really happened. Was he murdered by Burton, his jealous best friend? Peggy thinks it was aliens! Or maybe it was BONGO JOHNNY?

Lighting Design by Matt Cox Costume Design by Bobbi Rickards Sound Design by Julian Starr Assist Dir + Choreographer Harrison Sweeney Stage Manager Charlotte Breene

Produced by Jodi Rabinowitz