The KXT Bordello Pop-Up space has a standard lighting rig that will be provided to all hirers. Any changes made to this rig by visiting designers must be reverted back to this plot prior to leaving the venue at the end of any season.

Inventory The standard lighting inventory includes:

  • Control ETC Nomad Dongle Kit ETC “Gadget” Mac Mini

  • Dimming and Distribution 1 x LSC RED 12/10A Dimmer 1 x LSC Powerpoint 12/10A Distro

  • Lighting & Fixtures 6 x Quad 7 Led Pars 8 x 1.2K Fresnels 1 x small Profile In addition, 6 cyclorama lights are available from KXT, however no other KXT lights are available for the Bordello Pop-Up space.

  • Power and Data Cabling The space does not have an installed cabling system, but relies on several single cables that run from the dimmer area into the grid. There are a limited number of spare power and data cables.

Fire Visiting designers and technicians should note that the theatre has multiple fire sprinklers installed in the roof, several of which are in close proximity to lighting bars. Extreme care should be taken when working near the sprinklers. Fixtures hung in close proximity may activate the sprinkler system which reacts to increased temperatures. Sprinklers can also be activated if they are knocked by people working close to them.

Fog, Haze and other Atmospherics Visiting companies companies wanting to use smoke, fog haze etc are to seek permission from the theatre manager prior to bringing in or utilizing any smoke-creating devices or props