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Mr Jack Puntila is a logger. He owns polar bear rugs, rugby league teams, media empires, ex-wives, cigars, and an oil spill that spells out the words ‘foul, destructive, and fading patriarchy’. Matti Flint is Puntila’s right hand manservant – or he’s an uber driver that hasn’t closed the ride yet – ever attentive to Puntila’s disgusting, sinful, and/or phantasmagoric barbarism… Oh and Matti falls in love with Puntila’s daughter Eva ‘The Sawdust Princess’ Puntila and she with him, but don’t lose sight of the $$$$$$$.

Puntila/Matti is a troubling, terrifying, and entertaining performance work responding to class, conflict, and changing technologies. Set between whisky-soaked limo rides, on the set of a Bachelorette-style show called ‘Eligibility’, and in shady world-leader meetings in underground car-parks, Puntila/Matti is satirical, anti-capitalist, and every bit as funny as it is bleak.

Concept & Direction Tobias Manderson-Galvin & Dr Tom Payne; Dramaturgy Dr Tom Payne; Visual Design Antoinette Barboutis; Composition Jules Pascoe, Photography Wilson Liew

With Tobias Manderson-Galvin, Antoinette Barboutis + Grace Lauer.

Doppelgangster Co-Director Dr. Tom Payne talks about the company’s extraordinary new show Puntila/Matti  "...We're trying to find a new way. I tentatively term it theatre-specific theatre. It’s basically like site-specific theatre, but there are fewer distractions and it’s a bit warmer..." CLICK HERE FOR MORE

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