Storytellers Festival is a 2-week pop-up celebration of playwrights and words. the presentation of full-length plays, small pieces of writing, and special events Curated by Joanna Erskine

Those pages in the ‘bottom drawer.’ That play you wrote five years ago that still hasn’t been picked up. That monologue you loved that got cut a week before the production because it didn’t propel the story forward. Killed darlings. Buds never blossomed. Every writer has them, tucked away, whether just starting out or a veteran of the stage: Fragments of stories that didn’t make it, or haven’t made it yet; fragments that won’t exist if they are not seen or heard.



Rage Room by Angus Evans + bonus The Chair Light as a Feather by Andrew Lindsay

The Greer Effect by Vanessa O'Neill + bonus Keeping Time by Sophia Davidson Gluyas & Max Hopwood

Son of Byblos by James Elazzi

Help Yourself by Keziah Warner

You're Not Special by Sam O'Sullivan


featured excerpts from

TIES THAT BIND Tales of inescapable human connections

The World According to Jerry by Xavier Coy • New Gods by Mark Langham • I Think I Hate Myself by Jasper Lee-Lindsay • Karma by Michelle Morgan • Crocodiles by Vidya Rajan • Lilac by Jackson Used

MOTHER TONGUE A powerful night of female voices and stories

Stella Started It by Donna Abela • Dead Skin by Laneikka Denne • Tower Living by Hannah Grant • The Witch by Alison Rooke • Tampax? by Chloe Schwank • The Princess Party by Samira Spring • History by Lily Stewart

REINVENTIONS  New stories inspired by classic works

Factory by Christopher Bryant (after Marat/Sade) • The Starchitect by Emma Gibson (afterThe Master Builder) • (We Ate) The Poisoned Apple by Lana Morgan (after The Twelve Dancing Princesses)



A taster of new work from Festival writers ++ a networking night for writers and industry on the KX Hotel rooftop.


Australia’s great writers share their s#!t for one night only. A hilarious night of writing that has deliberately been kept from public view, until now. Performed by a stellar cast, this is writing never to be seen again. Seriously.BOOKING LINKS