bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company launched KXT -Kings Cross Theatre at the end of 2015 to support Sydney’s indie theatre scene and the local arts community. We offer companies heaps of support and maximum autonomy. We’re investing in a sustainable ecology for indie theatre


that’s right, we give you the gift of time itself! Bumping in a show on Monday, trying to ready for a sneaky preview on Wednesday before opening on Thursday or Friday adds a huge financial and artistic risk to indie productions. At KXT we offer - at just over half price - an EXTRA WEEK of time in the venue SUBSIDISED BY bAKEHOUSE. That's a full week of tech, with 4 previews before opening.

along with a flat rate weekly hire and the bAKEHOUSE subsidised week, KXT is one of the most affordable theatres in Sydney. Most importantly: WE DON’T TAKE A BOX OFFICE SPLIT so when your show is a hit you’ll make money, and be able to pay your artists 

we let you in on the Monday then offer easy key access to the space during your hire - the place is yours from 10am to midnight By the time you get to Opening Night you've had more than 130 hours in the venue. 

We promote your work across our social media platforms, subscriber base and marketing networks, including the Solotel chain of hotels and exposure with our neighbours within the growing KINGS CROSS ARTS PRECINCT. We’re a new venue - we’ve only been open just over three years - and so we’re still building our venue audience. But we will be working with you on audience-building and profile-raising 

One of the best in Sydney. A kick-ass lighting kit, state of the art desk and gear, great sound. Everything your designers need to make your work beautiful

KXT supports local artists by exhibiting their work in our funky foyer - these exhibits are rotated regularly so our audiences are never quite sure what they will encounter on their next visit to KXT. We’ll do our best to ensure the artwork ties in with your show

through the bAKEHOUSE Step Up program we’re providing opportunities and support for new work, companies and artists.


we’re running multiple value-adding programs: KXT Popupstairs; Write Up, StorytellersFestival, KXT Crossroads events, and play reads through KXTeethcutting. When you’re programmed at KXT you become part of a lively and engaged arts and audience community

we support your box office for previews and Opening Night and run your Opening Night event on the rooftop bar, so you can focus on getting your show ready for opening

want to be a part of POPUPSTAIRS? This is an uncurated program, super low cost, matching shows and dates for short seasons. At $500 pw this is Sydney’s most affordable space.

Applications for POPUPSTAIRS are open all year round. follow the links below

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