Since launching KXT has championed new work, providing both a platform for emerging and established writers, and a space for development


Leopardskin by Michael McStay for JackRabbit

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Little Eggs Collective for JackRabbit

A Little Piece of Ash by Megan Wilding for JackRabbit


Omar and Dawn by James Elazzi

Doing by Amy Sole for KXTPopupstairs

Sheds in the City by Charlie Vaux in dev

StoryLines for Cana Community in dev


Storytellers Festival  

Step Up Festival stay tuned

Infidelity and Enlightenment by Lauren Bonner for KXTPopupstairs

Falling Skies by Braden Frascone for KXTPopupstairs

Ignite by the writers of New Ghosts Theatre

Rosaline by Joanna Erskine

nomnomnom at KX by Roshelle Fong for KXTPopupstairs

wrap_CAROL CHO.jpg

Rudy & Cuthbert present by Toby Blome and Zelman Cressey-Gladwin for KXTPopupstairs

Surf Séance by Rachel Kerry for KXTPopupstairs

A Little History Play by Caleb Lewis for KXTPopupstairs

But You Don’t Look Sick by The C Collective in dev

UBU by Richard Hilliar for KXTPopupstairs


Honey Boo Boo Blood & Gore by Carissa Licciardello in dev

Confessions of a Custard Melon Pan by Arisa Yura in dev

Fortitude by Richard Graham in dev

Maureen, the Harbinger of Death by Jonny Hawkins for JackRabbit


“The exciting thing about going to Kings Cross Theatre is that you may well be seeing people and ideas at the beginning of their creative lives. You’re watching artists learn new performance languages, test themselves and their audiences, and offer their art in a sincere attempt to connect with an audience in the heart of Sydney. Every KXT work, in some way, pushes forward the Sydney arts scene… it’s a chance for the audience to see where our local performance culture is headed” Cassie Tongue, Time Out Sydney