the bAKEHOUSE Step Up program supports new artists, companies and work.


bAKEHOUSE on opportunities * collaboration * diversity. Taking risks and saying Yes. And championing new and emerging artists, companies and work

Every month or so we're hosting a MEET UP in the KXT Foyer. Drop in and say hi, tell us what you're up to, pitch an idea or project, ask a few questions, meet some folk. Got a problem you need to trouble shoot? We might just be able to recommend some people or a plan of action. Got a show on? Bring in some fliers. Or just want to know what's going on or what we're thinking about? This is your chance for a chat. First MEET UP is Monday night 4 September. We'll open the doors at about 7.00 pm and hang around until 9ish. Grab a drink and head on up. 

* The bAKEHOUSE STEP UP team will consist of 10 new and emerging practitioners. We’re looking to host designers, directors, writers, producers, actors, and technicians. We’d like to see a good spread across all these areas. We’re particularly keen to support emerging producers. *Click on link above for more info. 

If you'd like to be a part of the Step Up team, then flick us an email to with the subject line: KXT StepUp Tell us a little bit about you, your work and what gets you excited. Keep it brief. No attachments, but do include any links that you think might be useful.

* In 2018 bAKEHOUSE will provide time for 4 one week developments of new work at KXT. Additionally, we will support 2 new companies on a full production of 2 new works.


2017 | LOT5 developmeNt of #LADS

2017 | James Raggett and Co develop YOUTH & DESTINATION 

The Laden Table by Yvonne Perczuk, Nur Alam & Co

 2017 | Jatinga by Purva Naresh

2017 | New work from Lies Lies and Propaganda

2016 Step Up

in our first year of operation at KXT bAKEHOUSE supported multiple new work, artists and companies including:

SEASONS: Left of Centre, Montague Basement, Jetpack Collective, Post-Haste Players, The Kings Fools, Lies lies and Propaganda

DEVELOPMENT: Kin, Freefalling, Jatinga, The Laden Table

FESTIVAL: bAKEHOUSE partnered with Siren theatre Co to launch the inaugural INVISIBLE CIRCUS Festival, celebrating the work of women writers, directors, designers, producers, musicians and artists