the bAKEHOUSE Step Up program supports new artists, companies and work

bAKEHOUSE on opportunities * collaboration * diversity. Taking risks and saying Yes. And championing new and emerging artists, companies and work

Every month or so the bAKEHOUSE team hosts a MEET UP in the KXT Foyer. This is open to any and all! Drop in and say hi, tell us what you're up to, pitch an idea or project, ask a few questions, meet some folk. Got a problem you need to trouble shoot? We might just be able to recommend some people or a plan of action. Got a show on? Bring in some fliers. Or just want to know what's going on or what we're thinking about? This is your chance for a chat.  We'll open the doors at about 7.00 pm and hang around until 9ish. Grab a drink and head on up. Next MEET UP announced soon, to stay up to date subscribe to our eNews 

The bAKEHOUSE STEP UP team consists of 15 new and emerging practitioners: designers, directors, writers, producers, actors, and technicians. the KTXT team has worked closely with each member of the team to create a bespoke program of support.   

stay tuned for announcements, events and small morsels from our STEP UP team: Amy Morcom; Beth McMullen; Derbail Kinsella; Elijah Williams; Eve Beck; Hannah Goodwin; Jessica Adie; Joshua McElroy; Julia McNamara; Kate Walder; Luke Carson; Rebecca Blake; Tabitha Woo; Tom Mesker; Trishala Sharma

 In 2018 bAKEHOUSE is providing time for 4 one week developments of new work at KXT. Additionally, we're supporting 2 new companies on a full production of 2 new works and hosting a month long festival of new work, new artists and new companies.  

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 New ideas, now work, the start of something special 

Experiments from some of Sydney’s most exciting emerging artists. a testing ground for theatre in its early stages


bAKEHOUSE is committed to keeping KXT accessible: so we're trialing an idea: and taking our first Steps with the KXT Emerging Artist team. Come taste a few morsels from Rebecca Blake, Beth McMullen, Kate Walder, Tabitha Woo, Hannah Goodwin, Pippa Ellams and host Jessica Adie. It'll be fun, fast and furiously laid back. and FREE



bAKEHOUSE is currently developing the following two NEW scripts: 

HUMAN ACTIVITY by Katie Pollock, a response to her bACE placement in Mumbai

STORYLINES working with the Cana Community

We support the development of NEW WORK. If you would like to discuss something with us, in the first instance please send an email to us via the CONTACT page, giving a short (one para) run down of your project, and if available including 1 page of script. Please remember that this is a volunteer run program and we may take some time to get back to you



a regular FREE event providing a platform for recent graduates and emerging artists to throw them selves into some big roles, some big plays and some big ideas. Its time to sink or swim... facilitated and programmed by DANNY BALL and HUGO KOHNE

STEP UP 2016 - 2017

Step Up 2016

in our first year of operation at KXT bAKEHOUSE supported multiple new work, artists and companies including:

SEASONS: Left of Centre, Montague Basement, Jetpack Collective, Post-Haste Players, The Kings Fools, Lies lies and Propaganda

DEVELOPMENT: Kin, Freefalling, Jatinga, The Laden Table

FESTIVAL: bAKEHOUSE partnered with Siren theatre Co to launch the inaugural INVISIBLE CIRCUS Festival, celebrating the work of women writers, directors, designers, producers, musicians and artists