In March 2018 we're dedicating a month to The Next Big Thing. Come meet our Step Up team and take a peek at their work. Discover new plays in development. Take a first glance at the work of some of Sydney's newest and most exciting emerging artists: writers, directors, producers, designers all testing their wings.

At KXT we're investing in risk.

Step Up Team 2018

Introducing our Step Up crew for 2018. We'll be supporting and assisting this team as they develop new work, build new partnerships and collaborations, and take on the world.

Stay tuned.

Amy Morcom

Beth McMullen

Derbail Kinsella

Elijah Williams

Eve Beck

Hannah Goodwin

Jessica Adie

Joshua McElroy

Julia McNamara

Kate Walder

Luke Carson

Rebecca Blake

Tabitha Woo

Tom Mesker

Trishala Sharma

Productions & Developments

More to come - stay tuned

DNA by Dennis Kelly | Last One Standing Theatre

When 10 teenagers in desperate need for approval do something inconceivable, will it tear them apart, will it drive them insane, or will someone come out of the shadows and give them all a way out?

DNA by Dennis Kelly takes you on an intimate journey into the twisted minds and lives of 10 British teenagers that will leave audiences asking themselves, "Is it right to protect the many at the expense of the individual?"

Produced by Bardiya McKinnon; Composer/Sound Designer Sean van Doornum; Lighting Designer Liam O'Keefe

With Millie Samuels, Bardiya McKinnon, Emm Wiseman, James Fraser, Xanthe Paige, Jess Bell-Keogh, Alfie Gledhill, Alex Malone

Rotterdam by Jon Brittain

in development

Rotterdam. New Year’s Eve. Alice is anxiously running spell check for the millionth time before she sends the email to her parents telling them she’s gay. Just before she can send it, her girlfriend Fiona reveals that she identifies as a man. After seven years of working out how to confidently say “I’m gay”, Alice finds herself asking “Am I straight?”  Alice and Fiona – now Adrian – must re-navigate their relationship, Dutch bars, families, and what it means to love a woman, a man, a person.

This Olivier Award-winning comedy tells a contemporary love story from a refreshing and intimate perspective, taking us on a very funny and very human ride through questions about gender, identity, family and love.

Directed by Rebecca Blake; Produced by Amy Morcom