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Storytellers Festival 13 - 25 August

a 2-week pop-up celebration of playwrights and words. the presentation of full length plays, small pieces of writing, and special events | CURATED BY Joanna Erskine


Full-length, unproduced plays at, or close to, final draft stage.

The Poison Mother by Van Badham | Dir: Anthony Skuse With: Monica Sayers, Renee Lim, John Gomez Goodway  

The Corporeal Restructure of Eva de Nave by Emma Gibson | Dir: Sophie Kelly With: Deborah Galanos, Ella Watson Russell, Violette Ayad, Kellie Jones, Danielle McKinnon 

Kangaroo by Miranda Gott | Dir: Bec Rusell With: Sandra Eldridge, Laurence Coy, Eleni Casimatis


Small pieces to share. It could be a scene, a short play, a song, a monologue, something that got cut from another work and has yet to find a home

Sex & Strangers

Teeth Marks by Craig Brush, Omar and Dawn by James Elazzi, 44 Sex Acts in One Week by David Finnigan, The Cuddle Parlour by Emma Gibson, Slow Burn by Alison Rooke, Teenage Wildlife by Phillip Rouse, The Park by Simon Thomson

Dir: Kim Hardwick, Joanna Erskine, Lex Marinos, Dino Dimitriadis, Janine Watson

With: Lex Marinos, Liz Alexander, John Derum, Mansoor Noor, Maggie Blinco, Janine Watson, Bardiya McKinnon, Eloise Snape, Rowan Davie, Owen Little, Danny Ball, Melissa Kahmaran, Andrew Lindquist, Antony Slater

Mother Tongue

Public Mischief by Zoe Hogan, The Three Graces by Laura Lethlean, The Reclamation by Lana Morgan, Percy/Nola by Seymour Nixen, Dear Dolly Doctor by Tresa Ponnor, Hairworm by Emma Wright

Dir: Tessa Leong, Jess Davis, Tresa Ponnor, Rebecca Clarke, Seymour Nixen, Lana Morgan

With: Louise Mignone; Aanisa Vylet, Laura Djanegara, Suz Mawer, Jessica Paterson, Melssa Hume, Jess-Belle Keogh, Kirsty Keogh, Michelle Ny, Tresa Ponnor, Rebecca Clarke, Yana Taylor

New Worlds

Lifesaving by Iam Bahkt, At Play in the Fields of the Hippos by Colette F. Keen, Tsunami by Ned Manning

Orange Thrower by Kirsty Marillier, The Grocer by Jordan Shea, 19 45 by Amber Spooner

Dir: Claudia Barrie, Dino Dimitriadis, Tim McGarry

Cast includes: Tim McGarry, Aanisa Vylet, Paul Reichstein, Jenevieve Change more to be announced


SUNDAY 19 AUGUST 5.00 PM: the KXTeethcutting team LET LOOSE. Directed by KIM HARDWICK and facilitated by DANNY BALL & HUGO KOHNE

SATURDAY 25 AUGUST 7.30 PM: PLAY YOUR WAY | A suitably crazy celebration to close out the festival. Playwrights gone wild