YOUTH + DESTINATION by James Raggatt

presented by Manifesto Theatre



Across the city the people go about their lives: a pair of accountants pour over the numbers that define our lives, a woman is confronted with the casual oppression of her colour, a child recognises the weakness of a parent, a celebrity abuses the power of popularity, a young man grapples with the unnerving attraction of violence, a woman accepts the finality of her illness, a another mistakes a stranger for her lost friend, a couple considers the consequences of bringing a child into an uncertain future. Moment after moment, these are people of our planet.

A poignant collection of fleeting glimpses of the overwhelming world we live in. All important, all unimportant, all different and all alike. Youth and Destination features those on earth, wading through a mess of modern society. .

The dream that is the world.

“This group of emerging performers are lively and in close connection with each other; You feel a sense of community from within their ranks.” Time Out

"an ensemble production of up and coming Sydney artists attacking the stage with gusto and passion...vibrant and passionate" Weekend Notes

"gently mesmerising...” Megaphone Oz

Written and Directed by James Raggatt

With Jack Angwin; Georgia Blizzard; Gloria Bose; Julia Christensen; Maree Cole; Skyler Ellis; Alex Malone; Bardiya McKinnon; Nikita Waldron; Ross Walker

Assistant Director: Joseph Raggatt; Stage Management: Ellen Castles; Lighting Design: Martin Kinnane; Set Design: Kyle Jonsson; Composer: Kiah Gossner; Sound Engineer: Jules Tahi