World Premiere

Destination. Terror. Love. Earth. Sex. Drugs. Social Order. Man Woman. The Other. Death. Belief. Progeny.

An open exploration into things large and small, acute and obtuse of century twenty-one. A world created by us, out of our control. The people are those of our planet. Patients, pornographers, beggars, past lovers, future lovers, friends, foes, artists, accountants, athletes, gamers, politicians, poets, terror makers, cleaners, revellers, butterflies, home buyers, mental patients, superstars, nobodies, criminals, people, people, people: all important, all unimportant, all different, all alike. Youth and Destination features us, we on earth, wading through a mess of modern society; Complexities, hypocrisies, fantasies, climate, fear, anger, delight, death, power, universalism, race, generational divide, loneliness. Incommunicable confusion.

The dream that is the world.