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World Premiere

From the beginning of time, worlds rise and worlds crash... And life is born and life is burned.

1838: Richard Wagner writes Rienzi. Seventy years later, a 17-year-old Adolf Hitler witnesses the composer’s first opera in performance - and is struck dumb. For Wagner, it was one of the greatest creative acts known to us. For Hitler, it sets in motion the greatest wave of human destruction we have ever seen. For both, the city of Dresden is their stage. 

Justin Fleming’s explosive new play is a story of creativity and destruction and the dark side of human inspiration. Of the fork in the road and how far you might travel along it before you are stopped. It is the story of Hitler and Wagner, and the woman who connected them through time.

Writer Justin Fleming | Director Suzanne Millar

With Yalin Ozucelik, Jeremy Waters, Ben Wood, Renee Lim, Thomas Campbell, Dorje Swallow

Set Design Patrick Howe; Lighting Design Benjamin Brockman; Sound Design Max Lambert; Stage Manager Charlie Vaux; Assistant Director Rebecca Blake; Production Assistant Hannah Goodwin; Production Manager Andrew McMartin; Producer John Harrison

Please note that due to the arrangement of the theatre and the intimacy of the space, there is a lockout policy in place on all shows at KXT. Latecomers are not permitted to enter during the performance and there are no refunds/exchanges with regards to latecomers.