World Premiere

Every big idea needs a little nudge.

Young Adolf has a plan. A grand vision that will ignite the people and set fire to their dreams… he is going to write an opera. He has the story, the structure and the lyrics. Now he just needs the music. And for that he needs a few little tips from someone in the know.

In 1838 Richard Wagner writes Rienzi, the opera that launches his career. Seventy years later, a 19 year old Adolf Hitler witnesses Rienzi in performance. For Wagner, it was one of the greatest creative acts known to us. For Hitler, it set in motion the greatest human destruction we have ever seen. For both, the city of Dresden is their stage.

Directed by Suzanne Millar; Lighting Design Benjamin Brockman; Stage Manager Andrew McMartin

With Yalin Ozucelik, James Lugton, Ben Wood