World Premiere

All the horrors of all the ages were brought together; not only armies but whole populations were thrust into the midst of them…
— Winston Churchill

Come November, it will be 100 years since the curtain went down on the “War to end all Wars”.  18 million lives were lost, 23 million were wounded. At its end, there was a Treaty, a new League of Nations, a thousand monuments. 

Jump-cut to 2018. We are a century older but not wiser. Radicals on the rise, Europe fragmenting, America in isolation. Discontent bubbling away. And another generation is set to ignore the lessons of the past.

How do we count the cost? How do we honour the dead? How do we learn what must be learned? This immersive theatre installation from bAKEHOUSE helps us look back so we can find our way forward.

Please note that due to the arrangement of the theatre and the intimacy of the space, there is a lockout policy in place on all shows at KXT. Latecomers are not permitted to enter during the performance and there are no refunds/exchanges with regards to latecomers.