Being Dead (Don Quixote) by Kerith Manderson-Galvin

"a glorious mess with a serious purpose" Daily Review

A dangerous quest of literary theft, build-your-own identity and post-anarchy. Being Dead (Don Quixote) steals from Cervantes, Barbie™ and instant porn.  Don Quixote is the idol you deserve.

Kerith Manderson-Galvin’s sensational and ever evolving signature work has alienated and captivated audiences and now debuts in Sydney for Mardi Gras. Infamous Queer Femme Kerith Manderson-Galvin (AKA Unofficial Kerith Fan Club) rips off the original rip-off artist Kathy Acker et al. in this ongoing project purposefully rewritten to Manderson-Galvin’s own shifting identity.

From the chaotic and critically acclaimed company that brought Sydney Puntila/Matti, The Eternity of the World and Unsex Me - MKA.

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Rotterdam by John Brittain

in development

Rotterdam. New Year’s Eve. Alice is anxiously running spell check for the millionth time before she sends the email to her parents telling them she’s gay. Just before she can send it, her girlfriend Fiona reveals that she identifies as a man. After seven years of working out how to confidently say “I’m gay”, Alice finds herself asking “Am I straight?”  Alice and Fiona – now Adrian – must re-navigate their relationship, Dutch bars, families, and what it means to love a woman, a man, a person.

This Olivier Award-winning comedy tells a contemporary love story from a refreshing and intimate perspective, taking us on a very funny and very human ride through questions about gender, identity, family and love.

Directed by Rebecca Blake; Produced by Amy Morcom; With: Ella Prince; Travis Jeffery; Phoebe Lane; Bobbi-Jean Henning

Are We Awake? by Charles O'Grady

“I was really hoping you’d find a way to wear the blue one for the trip there. I bought it for you because it has clouds on it and you’d be able to wear it while you were in the clouds, and then if disaster struck and the plane went into freefall you’d just float with it because you’d be a cloud too.

In a tiny one bedroom apartment, at five thirty in the morning, a young couple sits on the cusp of a day that will change their lives Questions of going or staying, breaking up or hanging on, and what is real or imagined, plague these two young men as they fight to keep their grasp on “normal”.

Are We Awake? by queer theatre-maker Charles O’Grady (Kaleidoscope, Telescope) is a tender and human take on the complex relationship between queerness and disability.

"beautifully written... not to be missed" Sydney Arts Guide

“a deftly observed and touchingly performed portrait of contemporary lives and insecurities with resonances for all” Jason Blake

Dir: Sarah Hadley With: Matt Lee & Daniel Monks

.Design: Tilly Robba; Design Asst: Luke D'Alessandro; Lighting Design: Martin Kinnane; Sound Design & Composition: Ben Freeman; Photography: Sarah Hadley; Stage Manager: Gen Muratore; Produced by Sarah Hadley and Charles O'Grady