since 2016 bAKEHOUSE has been has worked with companies at KXT bAKEHOUSE to raise awareness and funds for an extraordinary number of Not For Profits and Community based organisations.

KXT CROSSROADS where art + community meet

with thanks to the City of Sydney for their support


Following on from the Matinee performance of OMAR + DAWN by James Elazzi

ACON - meet the writer

celebrating Queer writing



a part of the WRITE UP FESTIVAL

FORTITUDE by Richard Graham

a play reading, directed by CONSTANTINE COSTI



7.00 PM in the Bordello Room


a featured event in the WRITE UP festival

partnered with NEW GHOSTS THEATRE

14 MAY 2019



by Jonny Hawkins & Nell Ranney | a staged reading of a work in progress




From 6.00 pm on the QUEENS CROSS HOTEL Rooftop


featuring the Dollar Bin Darlings and Kween Kwong

Celebrating Mardi Gras



following on from the 7.30 performance


ANTHONY SKUSE speaks with special guests

Jen Silverman + Lachlan Philpott + Miranda Aguilar

partnered with Green Door Theatre Co





a part of the KXT CROSSROADS PROGRAM in partnership with KX Hotel



A FREE EVENT following the 5.00 pm PERFORMANCE of

The Serpent’s Teeth by Daniel Keene

bAKEHOUSE presents a special cast Q&A in partnership with HBR Creatives



from funding bodies to major arts organisations, everyone is talking about the need for increased diversity in the arts - and everyone claims to be doing their bit to support the cause. But how far have we come, really? And how much more is there still to do. Come hear from the cast of Daniel Keene’s The Serpent’s Teeth as they share their experiences and thoughts on the long held barriers to inclusive participation in the arts.

Danny Ball, Bernadette Fam, Phoebe Grainer, Nicholas Hasemann, Lisa Huyhn, Badaidilaga Maftuh-Flynn, Steven Menteith, Jillian Nguyen, Angela Sullen, Jens Radda, Joseph Raggatt, Saleh Saqqaf, Chloe Schwank, Louis Segeuir, Ross Sharp

FACILITATOR: bAKEHOUSE AD & Creative Director of KXT Suzanne Millar

with thanks to Hasemann, Ball & Radda

Saturday 13 October at 1.00 pm

NEW GHOSTS THEATRE COMPANY presents a special performance of YEN by Anna Jordan a fundraiser for


and following on from the performance hear special guest Associate Professor Rita Shackel from the University of Sydney currently researching legal and justice processes with a specific focus on access to justice for children and women. Professor Shackel will be speaking with director Lucy Clements, alongside the cast of YEN



following on from the 5.00 pm matinee performance of YOU GOT OLDER by Clare Barron 

a tidal wave hits patients and their families when cancer strikes. Join our panel for a CONVERSATION about the ways families cope with the issues they face, and how families KNIT TOGETHER. Is knitting somebody a sweater as thoughtful as it sounds?  

event banner.jpg


Mandy Goldman | President, Cancer Counselling Professionals

Dr John Leyden | Founder & Chairman, The Unicorn Foundation

Claudia Barrie | Artistic Director, Mad March Hare Theatre

MODERATOR | Suzanne Millar, Artistic Director bAKEHOUSE Theatre



MIRI BADGER dropped into a rehearsal at KXT for Dresden. She spent the time sketching actors, characters and scenes. We're looking forward to sharing her work later in the year: keep an eye out for news of her exhibition. 



Miri Badger is a Sydney based visual artist who creates predominately figurative paintings. Utilising a highly-saturated colour pallet and assertively flat brushstrokes to render form, her chosen subject matter stems from an investigation of uncanny human interaction and psyche. This is manifested in awkward scenarios played out in ambiguous space. The amalgamation of seemingly mismatched objects contributes to an unusual mixture of pathos and eerie amusement in her paintings.

In 2017 Badger (b.1996) graduated from National Art School with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and 2018 she completed a series of commission painting for the Sydney Opera House in affiliation with Daniel Barenboim and the Staatskapelle Berlin. She has participated in group shows such as 'MENAGE' at Studio W in Woolloomooloo ‘GRIDLOCK’ at the Reiner Hoff Space and ‘Mighty Dux’ at the National Art School Stairwell Gallery, as well as her solo Exhibition ‘NOGGIN’ at 212 Blue in Sydney. Alongside her traditional studio practice, Badger contributes her art work to an array of human rights publications including Court of Conscience, and has created large scale mural works in Sydney and Melbourne.

NOW | fundraiser + post show event

sunday 15 april, 2018 | freE

following on from the 5.00 pm matinee performance of A GIRL IS A HALF-FORMED THING


50% from the sale of all tickets sold donated to NOW, a non-profit, non-partisan organisation for people across all industries who have been sexually harassed, assaulted or intimidated.

Last year, journalist Tracey Spicer asked Australians working in the media to contact her with their #MeToo stories. The responses she received – more than 1600 – came from all around Australia, across industries and backgrounds. 

Many of them expressed the shame and fear that kept them from speaking out earlier.

#metoo is the movement NOW is the moment

the panel

Amy Maiden | ATYP General Manager & NOW Founding Member

Erin Taylor | Director, A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing

Emma Diaz | producer, AYA Productions

Brenna Harding | Actor, Moonlight Feminists

Suzanne Millar | AD bAKEHOUSE Theatre

UPSTART | a trial

tuesday 27 march, 2018 7.30 pm | FREE

 new ideas and experiments from some of Sydney’s most exciting emerging artists. a testing ground for theatre in its early stages

Upstart scribble.png

bAKEHOUSE is committed to keeping KXT accessible: so we're trialing an idea: and taking our first Steps with the KXT Emerging Artist team. Come taste a few morsels from Rebecca Blake, Beth McMullen, Kate Walder, Tabitha Woo, Hannah Goodwin, Pippa Ellams and host Jessica Adie. It'll be fun, fast and furiously laid back. and FREE Upstart is a part of the Step Up Festival

this is your opportunity to check out the start of something big * to pass along some feedback * to be a part of the conversation. We're aiming to make UPSTART a regular event, an opportunity for artists from any- and everywhere. We're grateful to the Step Up team for jumping on board for this trial, and we're looking forward to sorting out the format, makin plans and opening the doors. 


 The Next Big Thing. 

Come meet our Step Up team and take a peek at their work. Discover new plays in development. Take a first glance at the work of some of Sydney's newest and most exciting emerging artists: writers, directors, producers, designers all testing their wings.

At KXT we're investing in risk.


SUNDAY 5.00 PM *** 26 NOVEMBER, 2017

A conversation with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

with global warming causing the bleaching of our coral reefs, rising sea levels and an alarming tilt to the earth's axis, it seems that we are on the verge of the next great mass extinction. Are we on the list? Are our days numbered? 

Iconic writer and presenter Dr Karl Kruszelnicki speaks about the state of the planet and how we can fix the mess. According to Dr Karl the technology for our salvation already exists. We just need the will to roll up our sleeves and get started.

following on from the 5.00 pm matinee of NIGHT SLOWS DOWN


 A DEATH SENTENCE | Durational Performance 

14 october, 2017


MKA + Doppelgangster present a non-stop, eight hour pre-execution final statement. | 8am - 5pm Doors remain open to spectators | Come and go as you please

featuring hours of real final statements from executed prisoners, from those who took their own lives, to the final lines of cancelled tv shows, & a whole lot more. Performed by Tobias Manderson-Galvin (MKA/Doppelgangster), Grace Lauer (Germany), Dr Tom Payne (UK), Ruby Donohoe (NYC) and a collection of Sydney's most likely to...

It's 100 years to the day since Mata Hari's execution by firing squad. 63 years since 'The Desert Fox' chose cyanide over a public treason trial. Two years since Licho Escamilla was murdered by the state of Texas. It's about 8 months since an ex-lover messaged saying never to text again or the police would be called. 11 years since I was fired from my first job for calling 'A Current Affair'. It's almost the last day we have left...

ON THE EDGE | American Beauty Shop

10 september, 2017

Photo Credit: Clare Hawley

Photo Credit: Clare Hawley

We like to think there's an Australian safety net, a buffer from the vagaries of the market economy. With the minimum wage facing cutbacks in the US, what do working families do to make ends meet? How do they pay for housing, healthcare and education on $7.70 an hour? And in Australia, with the govt moving on penalty rates and increased scrutiny of social welfare, how far are our poorest families from the poverty line? Join our panel in conversation about What's at Stake in Dana Lynn-Formby's American Beauty Shop

the panel

JULIE SNEDDON | CEO Cana Communities

DR THOMAS ADAMS | Dept of History & US Studies Centre,Sydney Uni

ANNA McGRATH | Director, American Beauty Shop

SUZANNE MILLAR, Moderator | Artistic Director bAKEHOUSE

The Great Attractor #2 | De Quincey Co


If you want something gloriously unorthodox… a focus on listening and seeing that is simple, delightful and captivating… then these guys are for you. This is a rare opportunity to see and hear two remarkable Melbourne artists perform together in Sydney. It’s spellbinding for all ages –  bring your children too!

Two ‘holy fools’ investigate a pile of objects and materials and disassembled musical instruments. They reorganise, reshape and reimagine it. They gaffer it into gigantic shapes, play with it, motorise it.

Sounds Like Movement is an installation, a capillary system of breaths and sounds, a machine; a recycling centre where matter transforms, crumbles, changes into light and dances with humans. Idiosyncratic, interactive, strange, surprising and gently funny, Sounds Like Movement invites you to take the pulse of everyday materials like plastic tubing, paper, toys, fishing rods and crumbling polystyrene.

Dale Gorfinkel and Peter Fraser treat Sounds Like Movement as a band devoted to the experience of listening. It can include kinetic sound sculptures, noise-making clothes, footpump-powered modified trumpets, automated vibraphone and human-sized origami. Absurd, curious and playful, their work invites audiences of all ages to tune into the wonderful friendship of sound and movement.

The Deep End | Dry Land by Ruby Rae Spiegel

13 August, 2017

Photo credit: Marnya Rothe

Photo credit: Marnya Rothe

"a public reckoning with the experience of being a young woman & how we place women in crisis" Time Out

DRY LAND by Ruby Rae Spiegel | presented by Outhouse Theatre Co & Mad March Hare

Abortion rights rollback in the United States. Violence and abuse at private clinics. Legislation to decriminalise abortion voted down in the NSW Parliamnt. And in third world nations, lack of access to reproductive choices leads to the subjugation and abuse of women. On Sunday 13 August, following on from the 5pm matinee at KXT - Kings Cross Theatre, come join our panel in conversation about what's at stake in DRY LAND


Bethany Sheehan | founder My Body My Right

Dr Philip Goldstone | Medical Director, Marie Stopes, Australia

Claudia Barrie | Director, DRY LAND

Suzanne Millar (Moderator) | Artistic Director, bAKEHOUSE

Just listen | bAKEHOUSE

19 MARCH, 2017

On Sunday March 19, the audience of bAKEHOUSE's sold-out, critically-acclaimed season of THE LADEN TABLE gathered around for a post show discussion with the cast and crew, as well as a panel of very special guests, to listen to a conversation about the genesis of the play and the issues raised by THE LADEN TABLE.

the panel

Yvonne Percuk & Nur Alam | Writers, The Laden Table

Suzanne Millar | Director, The Laden Table

Nadyat el Gawley | ABC Radio Producer

Donna Jacob-Sife | Together for Humanity

Gerard Hammond | RAN Systems Engineer, Mine Warfare & Clearance

Invisible Circus SIDESHOWS | bAKEHOUSE


Developments, presentations and provocations curated by bAKEHOUSE Co-Artistic Director Suzanne Millar.

THE LADEN TABLE – a produced reading of a brave piece of writing challenging ‘dinner table racism’ played to packed houses over 3 nights at ICE in 2014. With the divisive rhetoric of Trump and the constant surprise of Pauline in public office, this is about as topical as it gets. 

FREEFALLING – early stage development, with a creative team of Renee Lim, Clare Hennessy, Carissa Licciardello and Beverly Callow. We’re still exploring the possibilities of a work that examines a life lived on the outside of normal, with a particular look at diversity and issues of mental health. With just a smackerel of Winnie the Pooh...

JATINGA – an international co-production and part of the broader bACE Mumbai project building relationships between artists in Sydney & Mumbai. Jatinga is a bAKEHOUSE commission highlighting our work in Kamathipura, Mumbai - Asia's oldest and largest red light district. We'll be joined by award-wining Mumbai-based playwright Purva Naresh as part of the bAKEHOUSE Cultural Exchange.

A series of open rehearsals, produced readings, rooftop jazz with Rose Costi & Friends; and 2 special panels Women In The Arts Making a Difference on the Streets featuring Purva Naresh, writers from the Abe's Babes Collective, bAKEHOUSE Artistic Director Suzanne Millar, documentary maker Liz Courtenay and hosted by special guest Mike Coward. 

Visiting Hours | bAKEHOUSE does Vivid

Out of Africa | a conversation with the cast of Black Jesus 


Following the 5pm performance of Black Jesus, this Chesterfield conversation offers audiences a chance to connect with the extraordinary cast of Black Jesus. Gather around the couch to hear their thoughts and reflections on the play, stories of their families' journeys to Australia, and their opinion of the state of play in Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Uganda. Afterwards, join our production drummer on stage for a session of traditional music - a celebration of African drumming from those who know it best!

The Great Attractor #1 | March 20

de Quincey Co in partnership with bAKEHOUSE present an evening of collaboration between artists Tess de Quincey, Jim Denley, Amanda Stewart, Vsevolod Vlaskine.

Noli Mi Tangere | March 12

A musical in development, based on Jose Rival's classic novel, with a Filipino-Australian cast. Music by Allan McFadden, book by Peter Fleming.

The Choir of St James| March 6

The heavenly voices of one of Australia's best choirs, up close and personal.

Elegies: A Song Cycle | Mardi Gras

march 1- 3

Presented by LindaSings, the Sydney Premiere of the musical by Tony Award-winning William Finn.

An extraordinary cast of 3 men and 2 women celebrate the lives of family & friends, lovers & pets as well as remembering those lost on September 11, 2001. Always engaging, often hilarious and at times devastating, Finn's songs have a way of intimately connecting with audiences and reminding us of life's infinite joys.

Kin - in development | Mardi Gras

A new play by award-winning playwright Catherine McKinnon, with a post-show discussion panel featuring Paul Capsis.