Invisible Circus

november 4 - 28, 2016

Invisible Circus is a season of plays, performances and provocation. Directors Priscilla Jackman, Kate Gaul, Cathy Hunt and Suzanne Millar join forces to bring new work by women to the Sydney stage.

The Season

Good With Maps | Kate Gaul - Siren Theatre Co

Written by Noëlle Janaczewska

Directed by Kate Gaul

Performed by: Jane Phegan

Designer: Alice Morgan; Composer/Sound Designer: Nate Edmondson; Lighting Designer Louise Mason; Stage Manager Zara Thompson

Presented by Siren Theatre Co.

When the world map was full of gaps, the Amazon topped the list of places unknown to western explorers. In 2016 are there any ‘unknowns’ left? On a trip to the Amazon, the writer ponders this and other questions as she struggles to deal with her father’s journey through Parkinson’s disease towards what is perhaps our last great unknown—death.

Good with Maps is a striking performance essay which takes us on a journey to the Amazon, and celebrates the power of reading and literature to transport us to places both real and imagined.

Good With Maps was written with a New Work grant from the Literature Board of the Australia Council. 

performance dates

November 4 (8pm); November 8 (8pm); November 11 (8pm); November 17 (8pm + Artist Talk); November 20 (5pm); November 23 (8pm); November 26 (2pm/8pm)

Tiny Remarkable Bramble | Cathy Hunt - The Impending Room


Written by Jessica Tuckwell

Directed by Cathy Hunt

Presented by The Impending Room

Cast includes: Thomas Campbell, Lucy Suze Taylor, Catherine Terracini, Contessa Treffone, Geraldine Viswanathan and Michael Whalley

Associate Producer: Victor Kalka

Designer: Tessa Dorman; Lighting Designer Louise Mason


This remarkable offering from the brain of Jessica Tuckwell is the unruly journey of six unlikely characters who struggle to untangle the chaotic mess that minds make of hearts and hearts make of us. If only they could each get out of their own way, something sensible just might happen...


performance dates

November 6 (5pm); November 10 (8pm); November 13 (5pm); November 16 (8pm + Artist Talk); November 19 (2pm/8pm); November 22 (8pm); November 25 (8pm)

The Angelica Complex | Priscilla Jackman

Co-created by Priscilla Jackman (Director) and Sunny  Grace (Writer)

Associate Producer: Lucinda Gleeson

Designer Elia Bosshard; Lighting Designer Louise Mason; Cinematographer Velinda Wardell ACS; Visual Consultant & Production Photography Phil Erbacher; Video Artist Lucia May; Sound Tegan Nicholls

Opera Singer: Naomi Livingston

Cast: Kym Vercoe

The Angelica Complex is a transformative and provocative theatrical voyage through the challenge of motherhood told through operatic junctures, physical poetry and wit.

Can Angelica hold onto her identity while caring for her baby, or will she remain trapped on the Isle of Tears?


performance dates

November 5 (8pm); November 9 (8pm); November 12 (8pm); November 15 (8pm + Artist Talk); November 18 (8pm); November 24 (8pm); November 27 (5pm)

The Sideshow | Suzanne Millar - bAKEHOUSE

Developments, presentations and provocations curated by bAKEHOUSE Co-Artistic Director Suzanne Millar.

THE LADEN TABLE – a produced reading of a brave piece of writing challenging ‘dinner table racism’ played to packed houses over 3 nights at ICE in 2014. With the divisive rhetoric of Trump and the constant surprise of Pauline in public office, this is about as topical as it gets. 

UNTITLED – early stage development, with a creative team of Renee Lim, Clare Hennessy, Carissa Licciardello and Beverly Callow. We’re still exploring the possibilities of a work that examines a life lived on the outside of normal, with a particular look at diversity and issues of mental health. With just a smackerel of Winnie the Pooh...

JATINGA – an international co-production and part of the broader bACE Mumbai project building relationships between artists in Sydney & Mumbai. Jatinga is a bAKEHOUSE commission highlighting our work in Kamathipura, Mumbai - Asia's oldest and largest red light district. We'll be joined by award-wining Mumbai-based playwright Purva Naresh as part of the bAKEHOUSE Cultural Exchange. 

In India there is a place called JATINGA. It used to be and still is famous for an area known as the bird's suicide point. Apparently the birds come migrating but mysteriously fly off the cliff to plunge to their deaths. Recently researchers have come to the conclusion that the suicides may be murders....

There’ll be additional surprises: music, art, panels, discussions and meetings. Stay tuned.

performance dates

The Laden Table

November 8, 9 (1pm – 3pm) – Open Door Rehearsal; Sunday November 13 (12pm – 2pm) – Open Door Rehearsal; Sunday November 13 (8pm) – Produced Reading; November 14 (8pm) – Produced Reading


November 15, 16, 18 (1pm – 3pm) – Open Door Rehearsal; Sunday November 20 (8pm) – Produced Reading


Monday 21 November (8pm) – Playreading; November 22, 25 (1pm – 3pm) – Open Door Rehearsals; Sunday November 27 (12pm – 2pm) – Open Door Rehearsals


As the INVISIBLE CIRCUS winds down, join us for a produced reading of Jatinga; a cool rooftop jazz set with Rose Costi & Friends; a final peek at the complete Invisible Circus art exhibition; and a special panel Women In The Arts Making a Difference on the Streets featuring Purva Naresh, writers from the Abe's Babes Collective, bAKEHOUSE Artistic Director Suzanne Millar and hosted by a special guest.

Sunday 27 November (7pm); Monday November 28 (7pm)

In partnership with Abe’s Babes collective; Left of Centre; Aarambh; The Hive; AAWC; THE EDUCATION AND LEARNING FOUNDATION (ELF) and