Enter an abandoned Tiki Bar and discover a world of paranormal mystery, teenage melodrama, and 1960s dance numbers. This is the fun and frightening world of Surf Seance, An Occult Magick Beach Party at Cuttlefish Cove.

Conceived, written & directed by Rachel Kerry

With Gemma Clinch, Elsa J Cherlin, Jacob McLean, Billie Miles, Jade Paskins, Brendan Paul, Kurt Ramjam, Emily Ritchie, Harrison Sweeney

SS hero.jpg

One year ago, Shawn (the town’s most popular teenage surfer) mysteriously disappeared. Presumed dead, his fellow teeny-bopper surfer dudes and dudettes are going to hold a seance (and weenie-roast!) to try to find out what really happened. Was he murdered by Burton, his jealous best friend? Peggy thinks it was aliens! Or maybe it was BONGO JOHNNY?

Lighting Design by Matt Cox Costume Design by Bobbi Rickards Sound Design by Julian Starr Assist Dir + Choreographer Harrison Sweeney Stage Manager Charlotte Breene

Produced by Jodi Rabinowitz