What happens if we never stop eating? Where have all the animals gone? And just how hot is it going to get? Fear not, friends. UBU will tell you. Dragging themselves screeching into 2019 with their meaty fists, Ma and Pa Ubu will stop at nothing to reach the top. Power is what they want, and all the food, sex and money is just gravy.

The cream of Sydney’s comedy crop launch themselves headfirst into this new interpretation of the UBU mythos. Frantic, apocalyptic and unapologetically obscene, this is a theatre experience you’ll have to see to believe. Unless the seas consume us earlier than predicted.

Also, there will be puppets. Because everything’s better with puppets.

Directed by Richard Hilliar

Cast: Tristan Black, Lib Campbell, Rachael Colquhan-Fairweather, Emily Elise, Sam Glissan, Gideon Payton-Griffiths, Shane Russon, Idam Sondhi and Nicole Wineberg

Lighting Designer - Ryan McDonald Sound Designer - Tegan Nichols Costume Designer - Tanya Woodland Prop Designer - Ash Bell Producer Nicole Wineberg