?? WHY ??

There’s wonderful work being delivered in little venues all across Sydney. And yes, those indie budgets are tiny compared with the money spent on the big ticket shows at the top end of town. But that $10k or $20k is someone’s actual money, more than likely from a couple of max-ed out credit cards belonging to a passionate producer who’s rolling the dice on ticket sales. And that kind of financial pressure can easily set the stage for safe programming. Its all so risky anyway, and there’s so much at stake, why would you speculate with that hard-earned cash?

We’ve certainly moved on from the view that work produced in the indie sector is an audition for main stage – opportunities are limited and pathways unclear, so there seems to have been a collective re-positioning of our work: lets do the show we believe in. the one that makes the pulse beat a little quicker.

But those budgets…

The KXT bAKEHOUSE Popupstairs program is for high risk work delivered in a low risk, low budget environment. Sell 25 tickets at $20 each and you’ve covered the week. The rest is gravy. BUT

and this is a very important but…

POPUPSTAIRS is not a home for building your business. Its a place for building your work. The clues in the name: POPUP. Seasons are one week, with some interrupted access. You’re getting minimal support from us (because we’re unfunded and unstaffed). Which is why we’ve kept hire costs cheap and ticket prices low.

This is a space for your passion project, for a first look at that original script, for that strange something that you’d like to spend some time developing. . Its a birth place for new work, new ideas, new companies

This year Kings Cross Hotel is hosting movement work, a site-specific adaptation of a German great, a nuts take on a classic, heaps and heaps of new writing, and maybe even a little bit of dance theatre. There won’t be fancy posters or glossy programs, the chairs are orange and the lighting is limited. We prob won’t have a heap of promo going on. But you can expect to see the unexpected



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