In 2019 we are able to announce an exciting new program - POPUPSTAIRS. Throughout the year level 4 of the KX hotel will be operating as a theatre: a new space for audacious, bold, ambitious and adventurous new work, and new ideas for old work. A home for high risk work delivered in a low risk, low budget environment.

Sydney’s indie theatre scene punches above its weight, regularly delivering more bang for your buck with passion, favours, beers and a mountain of low budget brilliance. But as the bar is lifted - as the quality of work matches and at times exceeds the main stage output -

we are at risk of losing risk.

We’re keeping things open and accessible to the newest of the new. Through the year we hope to see developments of new writing, public presentations of first-time work from new companies, and industry showings of emerging work, all within a low budget and affordable model. There’s plenty of spots available and POPUPSTAIRS is open for submissions.

We have a number of featured shows already programmed, but lots more gaps, and we can’t wait to hear from you! Get in touch and we’ll start matching shows with dates. We expect to provide a place where audiences can

expect to see the unexpected.

KXT Popupstairs 2019 features…