The Popupstairs program is an innovative use of space. Partnering with KX Hotel to share the use of the Bordello room KXT has installed a simple lighting rig, set up seating for 60, and opened the doors to Sydney’s indie mavericks.


We’re offering space, some online promotion and in-room support. The room is a multi-use venue which means that Popupstairs will operate off a fringe model suitable for short seasons of new or experimental work, on selected dates throughout the year.


  • The majority of seasons will run for one week only.

  • Each year the season will include 2 or 3 featured shows that will run over 2 weeks.

  • Venue is available to hirers from Sunday midday to Saturday midnight.

  • the hotel runs live music in Level 4 on Thursday nights, so you are unable to use the space on Thursday. This means your set will need to be bumped out after your Wednesday night performance, and bumped back in on Friday morning

  • There may likely be some noise spill from other events on Friday and Saturday evening, which means you may need to run unorthodox show times

  • Hours of Access from 10am – midnight weeknights; and midday – midnight on Sundays

  • Performance start time 7pm. Popupstairs is not suitable for a show requiring an interval.

  • Your show will be promoted as part of the KXT Popupstairs program on KXT social media and website and will be included in our regular eNews.  

  • Weekly cost $500 venue hire + $200 bond, refunded following successful bump out

  • The Bordello Room seats 60

  • As with KXT: Popupstairs is a venue hire only arrangement and bakehouse takes no share of your box office. This means you will need to run your box office and provide FOH personnel

  • KXT has installed a new lighting rig.

  • Due to the limits of the power sources in KX Hotel it is not possible to bring in additional lighting fixtures.

  • The room has operational speakers, subs and a mini mixer.

  • There will be a bar operating 30 mins prior to your show and 30 mins following your show close. No bar split.

  • Site visits will be arranged as needed. Please remember that KXT is unfunded and unstaffed so this will need to be organised around team availability

POPUPSTAIRS: an uncurated space for high risk work in a low risk lo-tech environment, managed and overseen by bAKEHOUSE prod manager Andrew McMartin and KXT prod assist Charlie Vaux

a place where audiences can expect to see the unexpected.

e: info@kingsxtheatre.com for any queries