Hi-Jacked Rabbit… what’s THAT about?


Providing opportunity and support for new companies, new artists and new work is a part of the bAKEHOUSE DNA. We’ve been doing it since we first kicked off eleven years ago, and we formalised it all at KXT in 2018 with the Step Up program. We’ve had the great privilege of being in the room when someone falls in love with acting and when a new play is born. When a half-made play finds its way. We’ve taken a chance on new designers and young directors and we’ve seen them rise to the occasion and flourish. New companies have launched at KXT, and emerging companies have built their work.

In their few short years of producing, JACKRABBIT THEATRE  have supported an incredible amount of new Australian work, backing first time writers, emerging producers and young directors in a way that few other indie companies in Sydney can match.

In January 2018 they kicked off the KXT season with Will O’Mahoney’s wonderful Tonsils + Tweezers. And we wondered what might happen if they had a home.

Well, this happened...

JR banner.jpg

Hi-JackedRabbit presented by JackRabbit Theatre, in partnership with bAKEHOUSE Theatre Co, Little Eggs, and Cross Pollinate productions, and made possible by the support of KINGS CROSS HOTEL