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a heady, sharp delight, and a beautiful flex of indie theatre’s best muscles ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ THEMUSIC.COM

with a wild spirit that persuades us to luxuriate in its artistic risks SUZY WRONG

A fast paced tour de force THE BUZZ FROM SYDNEY

Writer/Director: Liam Maguire With: Madeleine Vizard, Adam Sollis, Jonny Hawkins,
Elle Mickel, Amy Hack and Emma Harvie

Lighting Designer: John Collopy Sound Designer: Sam Maguire
Assistant Director: Andreas Lohmeyer

This is the dog-eat-dog world of high stakes business and newbie Henry has just entered the hornets’ nest. Trust no one. Suspect everything. Everyone’s a threat on the ladder to success and CEO Ms Stockwood isn’t taking prisoners. So when a suspicious discovery is made in the boardroom, all hell breaks loose…

WRATH is a deliciously satirical rollercoaster that threatens to go full pelt off the rails. What is the cost of “making it?” What do we sacrifice in staying silent? Who do we become on the brink of our humanity? This subversive trip down the rabbit-hole promises a no holds barred attack on the powers that influence us. Delectably black and shamelessly irreverent, this new work from an explosive ensemble is not to be missed.