August 2019

deliciously wild … It's sexy, it's macabre, it's highly recommended ~ Suzy Wrong

independent theatre which snarls and hisses in the face of small budgets and low Winter attendances

★★★★ Judith Greenaway

made me ache with the possibilities of self I am yet too cowardly to attempt ~ Audrey Journal

A very funny and curiously erotic tale of human frailty and desire with a good dose of whimsy ~ the Buzz from Sydney

·          Gregor has skinned his wife’s cat alive, so clearly things are not going well at home. Jen Silverman’s Wink begins at the point of heteronormative ruination, when Gregor and Sophie’s unsatisfying cookie-cutter life together is at breaking point, and something has got to give. Too bad about the cat. 

Directed by Anthony Skuse

With Eloise Snape, Matthew Cheetham, Graeme McRae

and Sam O’Sullivan as Wink the Cat

Set & Costume Design Siobhán O’Hanlon | Assistant Director & Stage Manager Olivia Aleksoski
Lighting Design Phoebe Pilcher | Sound Design & Composition Ben Pierpoint | Photography Robert Catto

Produced by Wheels & Co. Productions

Silverman’s unique take on female disempowerment and fantasy 

Please Note: this show contains adult content, nudity and violence. Suitable for 16+