For the indie sector to continue to grow and flourish we need a collegiate response, a community of artists pooling resources and knowledge. We need more and new spaces, but also the current spaces need to find ways to survive and thrive - and if our emerging artists are going to take the baton at some point, where can they experience what it’s like to program and run a venue?

Building on our commitment to providing opportunities and mentoring to new companies - and taking the next logical Step Up - in 2019 we’re investing in the future. bAKEHOUSE has partnered with the young guns from JackRabbit to open up more opportunities for more artists to present new work. JackRabbit have programmed a dynamic 3-month season at KXT jam packed with the best of the new, and they’re going to be taking over in February. They’ve been given the extraordinary opportunity of running and programming a venue, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to be as excited as we are!


Wrath by Liam Maguire | 8 - 22 MARCH 2019

Leopardskin by Michael McStay | 25 MARCH - 6 APRIL

A Little Piece of Ash by Megan Wilding | 12 - 27 APRIL

Rime of the Ancient Mariner | 3 - 13 APRIL the BORDELLO ROOM

Sensitive Guys by MJ Kaufman | 30 APRIL - 11 MARCH

there’s bucket loads more going on including parties, play developments, and pop up events. And MORE new work. To keep up with the announcements and keep your eye on things, head over to the JACKRABBIT site.

Please note that due to the arrangement of the theatre and the intimacy of the space, there is a lockout policy in place on all shows at KXT. Latecomers are not permitted to enter during the performance and there are no refunds/exchanges with regards to latecomers.