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wonderful stuff Jason Blake, Audrey Journal


See Trevor. It’s blisteringly fun, it’s unexpected, it’s challenging. It will make you laugh Cassie Tongue, Time Out Sydney


an all round triumph and must-see Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise

Inspired by true events, Trevor is a subversive comedy about fame, flawed communication and love. And, the lies we tell ourselves to keep people - anyone - from taking away an erratic, beloved 200-pound chimpanzee.

Directed by Shaun Rennie

Cast Di Adams, Jamie Oxenbould, Jemwel Danao, Eloise Snape, Garth Holcombe, David Lynch, Ainslie McGlynn

Producer Jeremy Waters Presented by Outhouse Theatre Co

Set & Costume Design: Jonathan Hindmarsh Lightng Design: Kelsey Lee Sound Design: Melanie Herbert

Production Manager Katherine Shearer

Trevor is a has been. The auditions have dried up and his days as a television actor are behind him. But, Trevor has dreams. He wants another shot at the big time. And, above all, to re-unite with his former commercial co-star, Morgan Fairchild. However, it’s tough to make a comeback in Hollywood. Particularly, if you are a chimpanzee. Like Trevor.