planning for KXT2019 means looking back over the past 12 months. We’re incredibly proud of KXT2018 and here’s why:

In 2018 KXT hosted 12 women directors; 10 women producers; 8 shows designed by women; 8 plays written by women. Additional stats from the Storytellers Festival: another 14 women playwrights + 13 women directors

The KXT2018 season included 10 Australian Plays + 5 developments of new work + We ran 8 seasons with the writer working alongside the team in the rehearsal room

KXT2018 supports new work: 12 Sydney premieres; 7 Australian premieres; 5 World premieres ++ Storytellers Festival which featured the first staging of 3 full length plays & pieces from 26 other new works. KXT2019 includes full seasons of work from that festival.

In 2018 work at KXT included 42 actors from non-anglo backgrounds. Shout out to the directors and producers getting it right

KXT is where actors come to play: In 2018 113 actors performed on the KXT stage. Plus 69 actors participated in the Storytellers Festival. Plus 3 developments, and the monthly KXTeethcutting reads

Shout out to Pip and Han Inc; and Manifesto Theatre who launched at KXT in 2018. And to Last One Standing who ran their first full season in March as part of the Step Up festival. KXT was also thrilled to champion emerging companies The Anchor, HBR Creatives, and Bite Productions.

this year we’ve seen a closing gap between independent and mainstage with performers, designers, writers and directors going from our corner of the Cross onto mainstages STC, Bell, Belvoir, Griffin and more. The bAKEHOUSE partnership with Justin Fleming continued with Dresden, while at the same time Justin’s Misanthrope played in the Opera House. Jessica Arthur first worked at KXT as one of the directors on a KXTeethcutting play read in 2017, and was back with her company The Anchor for the October season Two Hearts. Megan Wilding kicked off her year in JackRabbit’s production of Tonsils + Tweezers by Will O’Mahoney, our first season of the year, before heading into Blackie Blackie Brown at STC. Daniel Monks started his year in the beautiful Are We Awake, written by Charles O’Grady who then AD’d on the STC’s Still Point Turning. The KXT stage was home to seasoned professionals and first time performers

The KX theatre precinct continues to thrive as cast and creatives move across all venues. Alex Berlarge produced Ironbound at KXT, directed There Will Be A Climax at Old Fitz, and Cry Baby at the Hayes. Claudia Barrie jumped on board Last One Standing Theatre’s production of DNA, directed the hit You Got Older and her production of Eurydice is now running at Old Fitz. in 2019 Last One Standing Theatre produces Alice in Slasherland at the Old Fitz. Actors Alex Malone, Bardiya McKinnon, Sarah Meecham, Megan Wilding, Ariadne Sgouros, Laurence Coy, Elijah Williams, Mansoor Noor, could all be seen at KXT and the Old Fitz, or Hayes or Griffin. And Joanna Erskine’s ground breaking playwrights program the Storytellers Festival brought us all together, with 69 actors presenting the work of 29 writers with 19 directors leading the way.

The Arts Editor of Time Out Ben Neutze describes our precinct as the

‘Sydney theatre district that matters”

2019 bAKEHOUSE is partnering with indie unit JackRabbit Theatre to open up MORE seasons at KXT, to provide MORE opportunities for MORE new work and new artists.


KXT has an impressive track record supporting new companies and new work. Since launching only 3 years ago we have championed new work from: James Raggatt, Charles O’Grady, Purva Naresh, Yvonne Perzsuk & Co, Pippa Ellams, Michael Costi, Tobias Manderson-Galvin, Justin Fleming, Melita Rowston, Purva Naresh, Amelia Roper, Philip Rouse,  Noëlle Janaczewska, Jessica Tuckwell, Clare Hennessy, and more. This year, Joanna Erskine’s Storytellers Festival, a platform for playwrights and their work, brought an additional 29 writers to KXT. In 2016 Good With Maps premiered as part of INVISIBLE CIRCUS and this year the award winning production from Siren Theatre toured regional NSW. With Dresden, Jatinga, The Laden Table, Visiting Hours and Night Slows Down, bAKEHOUSE has brought to the KXT stage 5 ambitious new works in less than 3 years.

New companies have been born here, while young companies have found their feet: Last One Standing Theatre, Manifesto Theatre, Some Company, Rocket Productions, Pip and Han Inc, The Anchor, Haseman, Ball & Radda, and more. Seasons at KXT mix new and emerging artists alongside established and experienced ones. In 2018 directors Kristine Landon-Smith, Kim Hardwick, Claudia Barrie, Suzanne Millar and Jessica Arthur shared the season with James Raggatt, Hannah Goodwin, Eve Beck and Sarah Hadley. In 2015 we met with James Raggatt, opening the doors of KXT for the first development of his original script, then titled King Hit. With ongoing development support in 2016 and 2017, this became Youth + Destination, and played as part of the KXT2018 season.

“somewhere in our DNA we know that stories are out there to help us understand what we’re doing here on this planet” Theresa Rebeck

Value Adding

2019 slice.jpg

a HUGE SHOUT OUT to indie theatre… you’re looking good.

this is a massive THANK YOU to all the teams that put time into their submissions for KXT2019. We received almost 150 EOIs. Audacious, bold, ambitious and adventuours. Submissions of new work, and new ideas for old work. Amazing teams filled with incredible artists. And all to be done with passion, favours, beers and a mountain of low budget brilliance.

we do read them all. Every one of them. So it takes a bit of time getting things sorted. We’ve been working our way through things: if you haven’t heard from us HOLD TIGHT!! We’ll be in touch!

September was all about VALUE ADDING at KXT: KX Collaborations; PSAs; Fringe With Benefits; the Glasshouse and Sydney Fringe Festival meant that KX Hotel was abuzz with performance. Our highlights included:

EVERYBODY LOSES: presented by Doppelgangster arriving in Sydney after a whirlwind world tour including Singapore, London and Paris.

PYJAMA SUNDAYZ: popped into Level 4 for their own unique brand of performance art

NO STRINGS ATTACHED: KXT Artistic Associate Rebecca Blake & bAKEHOUSE Artistic Director John Harrison let the puppets out to play

THE GLASSHOUSE: Sydney’s newest venue opened its doors to the musicians. Stay tuned for more

Over the past almost-3 years, we’ve worked with companies at KXT to raise awareness and funds for an extraordinary number of Not For Profits.

Including NOW; Chris O’Briens Lighthouse; Lymphoma Australia; Australian Lung Foundation; My Body My Right; AAWC; LBW Foundation; Cana community;
Loretto College; All Saints African Centre and many many more.

this month NEW GHOSTS THEATRE CO supports the Blue Knot Foundation with an additional performance, SATURDAY 13 OCTOBER at 1.00 pm. Proceeds of this Saturday's matinee will be used to provide support, education and resources for the families and communities of adult survivors of childhood trauma.

This show will be followed by a panel discussion with special guest Associate Professor Rita Shackel of the University of Sydney, along with director and cast.


#KXTCrossroads: where art + community meet.



SUNDAY 30 SEPTEMBER: Close out Fringe season with a unique musical experience up in the GLASSHOUSE first revealed as part of the bAKEHOUSE SOLD OUT season of Visiting Hours, and christened last week by Jonny Vaux from Bas & Co. This week take the lift to the rooftop, then head upstairs for a special up close and personal set from


Kicks off at 3pm, limited availability so get in early

SUNDAY 23 SEPTEMBER Kick off with something super special somewhere super special. Head upstairs at 5pm to start the night in the GLASSHOUSE Sydney’s newest and most exciting new venue, up in the Kings Cross clouds. BAS & CO break out some acoustic pop rock for an exclusive and select audience. watch the sun go down with the early session; see the lights come on with the after dark session; and hang out for the late night session.

strictly limited availability


PYJAMA SUNDAYZ take over Level 4 with their unique blend of alt pop. Featured on Triple J unearthed and regulars on Sydney’s live music scene, you won’t want to miss catching them in action in the luscious Bordello room up on 4.

Bar opens 8.00 pm

September PSAs

in September 2018 bAKEHOUSE & KXT have transformed Level 4

The Art of Survival

Wednesday 12 September, 7:30 pm




Meet Commander Ken from Careflight Australia, the man who has led numerous rescue teams at major disasters,  including the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami in Banda Aceh and the 1998 Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

Join bAKEHOUSE Co-Artistic Director John Harrison in conversation with Ken as he relives stories from the front line of Australia's local and international disaster response.

No Strings Attached


Monday 24th September 7.30 pm


KXT Artistic Associate Rebecca Blake and bAKEHOUSE Artistic Director John Harrison join forces in this puppetry workshop for actors and directors. Learn the art of breathing, how to see through the puppet... and be part of bringing to life epic stage adventures including The Whale at Forty Fathoms, and The March of the Polar Bears!

++ Numbers strictly limited ++

bAKEHOUSE & PUPPETRY: in 2014 John Harrison worked with Michael Dean, Constantine Costi and Michael Costi on an early stage development of HIS DARK MATERIALS, staged at ATYP. In partnership with ERTH, and working with Puppet Makers Aleisa Jelbart and Adrianne Lord. In 2017 Aleisa again joined forces with bAKEHOUSE to create puppets for Suzanne Millar's production of Jatinga, bringing the magical mystical world of India to life. Previously in 2011, John & Suzanne worked with Puppet Maker Kaye Yasugi on Alan Bennett's The Wind in the Willows. Also in 2011 was an early stage development of Helen Edmundson’s spectacular Coram Boy


REBECCA BLAKE is the Artistic Associate at KXT. In March 2018 Rebecca directed the development of Rotterdam, a part of the Step Up Festival. Earlier this year she was Assistant Director on DRESDEN by Justin Fleming. In 2017 Rebecca staged subversive puppet show Blood and Bone, a sell out season at the London Vault Festival, developed while in residency at The Barbican UK, as part of the Cicada Studio Collective,   

JOHN HARRISON presents Medicine, Magic and Murder

Wednesday 26th September, 7:30pm



Back by popular demand! Meet the man behind the bAKEHOUSE smash hit Visiting Hours as he delves into his doctors bag of tricks and reboots his classic lecture on the astonishing history of anaesthesia... and some very groovy drugs.

Join bAKEHOUSE Co-Artistic Director John Harrison in this highly entertaining - and just a little bit bizzaro - tour of the curiosities, quacks and charlatans who made Anaesthesia what it is today. head up to level 4, buy a drink from the bar, and settle into an ornate velvet chair and a night of extreme hilarity

Its part Drunk History... part TED talk


JOHN HARRISON  John is Co-Artistic Director of bAKEHOUSE. Directing credits include the original Visiting Hours for bAKEHOUSE and Vivid Sydney in 2016 and the follow up extended and improved Visiting Hours in 2018; Great Expectations (ATYP Under The Wharf); and in 2014 he directed the development showing of His Dark Materials. Producing credits include Jatinga, The Laden Table and Black Jesus (KXT - Kings Cross Theatre); The Ishmael Club (Old Fitz); His Mother’s Voice (ATYP Selects); the StoryLines Festivals in 2009 and 2012; Metamorphoses (bAKEHOUSE & Apocalypse at PACT).


KXT2018 launch - photo credit Clare Hawley

KXT2018 launch - photo credit Clare Hawley



KXT Crossroads


At KXT we believe in community. 

Since opening in 2015 KXT has hosted art exhibitions, panel events, music and dance, pop up parties, foyer meet ups... We've welcomed St James Choir, the Philippine Consul-General, the Zimbabwe minister for Truth and Justice, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and more. We've partnered with NOW, Cana Community, AAWC and international not for profit organisations

we're raised money and awareness for local organisations working in research and treatment for cancer; animal rescue and care; meals and assistance for local homeless; ACON; student support groups, orgs fighting human trafficking and working with the victims of trauma and war

we've invested heavily in youth with our weekly $20 for 20s program, our support for Playwave and our Step Up program. The KXTeethcutting program is an opportunity for recent grads and young artists to connect and showcase their work. 

programming at KXT has lead the way in diversity, gender equity and representation. Since 2015 Open the Door has provided free tickets for those who can't afford to attend theatre, because we believe everyone has the right to art in their life. 

in our three years we've curated and hosted three important festivals: INVISIBLE CIRCUS celebrating the work of women; STEP UP supporting the work of new artists and new companies; STORYTELLERS FESTIVAL showcasing playwrights and their work. 

new plays have had their first life at KXT. companies have been born. 

it has been a joy to partner with KX HOTEL to build a vibrant and culturally important corner in our changing community. We're in the heart of the cross, in the heart of the city. There's a lot of heart in KXT

street sign.jpg

The Glasshouse


Did you get along to Visiting Hours? And were you one of the lucky 6 people tapped on the shoulder as the night ended, for something a little bit special? If you were then you’d know about this sneaky little corner. VISITING HOURS

Its right up the top of KX Hotel, with 360 deg views of the city, and a cool Arabian Nights vibe.

KXT is kicking off a series of exclusive performances in the Glasshouse. a bAKEHOUSE initiative + a part of KXT Crossroads


Sunday 23 September - check back for all the info