Osama The Hero | Tooth & Sinew

january 21 - february 4

Written by Dennis Kelly

Gary is weird. Like, freaky weird. He talks about how breast implants are a crime against humanity, how God is dead and how he wants to move to Afghanistan. And bins keep blowing up when he’s around. And garages. Then he's asked to present a school project on a national icon. Someone he admires. A hero. He chooses Osama Bin Laden.

Enough is enough. A line has to be drawn and there are people who are going to draw it. Violently.

After Richard Hilliar’s critically-acclaimed staging of Kelly’s Orphans at the Old Fitz and the runaway success of 2016's Year Of The Family at KXT, Tooth and Sinew return with one of Kelly's earliest hits. A darkly comic exploration of tribalism, violence and paranoia, there has never been a better time to look at our relationship with the (apparently) omnipresent spectre of terrorism. 

Directed by Richard Hilliar; Lighting Design Sian James-Holland; Set Design Courtney Westbrook; Sound Design Tegan Nicholls; Stage Manager Ben Hinchley

Featuring Tel Benjamin, Lynden Jones, Poppy Lynch, Joshua McElroy and Nicole Wineberg