White Rabbit Red Rabbit | Freefall Productions

april 4 - 16

Written by Nassim Soleimanpour

White Rabbit Red Rabbit has been called a play. But it is a lively, global sensation that no-one is allowed to talk about. Its award-winning playwright, Nassim Soleimanpour, is Iranian. His words have escaped censorship and are awaiting both actor and audience. Slyly humorous and audaciously pointed, this 'theatre entertainment meets social experiment' is unlike anything and will make you question everything.

White Rabbit Red Rabbit is uniquely designed to be performed cold by a different actor every night. Their script is found in a sealed envelope on the stage, having only been told what is absolutely necessary only 48 hours earlier. Each actor will discover the play for the first time in real time with the audience.


Ylaria Rogers, Tyran Parke, Matthew Backer, Richard Hilliar, Madeleine Jones, Duncan Ragg, Bron Lim, Ben Kindon, Monica Sayers, Mansoor Noor, Contessa Treffone, Monroe Reimers

A dazzling, transcendent piece of alive-and-kicking theatre... I experienced a play that no one in the world will ever experience again... The whole building felt like it was living and breathing.
— Entertainment Weekly