She Rode Horses Like the Stock Exchange

october 20 - november 11


Written by Amelia Roper | Directed by Nell Ranney

This is our blanket! Sit on it if you like and enjoy the park, it’s a lovely park. I’ve seen two dogs since you’ve been arguing about happiness.

In a nice park, in a nice city, two nice couples try very, very hard to be nice to each other while the sound of ice cream trucks (wait, no) ambulances (nope!) the Global Financial Crisis screams into town.

She Rode Horses Like the Stock Exchange is an absurdly funny and terrifying ride through a downsized, foreclosed nation. This is a fresh new play about gender expectations, possession and loneliness, money and ego. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Spend all your money on ice cream. IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY.

Cutting wit and dramatic originality...
— San Francisco Chronicle
Leave it to an Australian playwright to find the humour, humanity and farce in the worst American financial disaster since the Great Depression
— The Daily Camera 2017
...what’s sly about Roper’s script is the way she conveys a sense of absurdism - on the spectrum from Beckett to Will Eno - and high comedy for a situation that turns out not to be absurd or all that funny. Except it is.
— Theatre Dogs

Directed by Nell Ranney; Set & Costume Design Isabel Hudson; Lighting Design Christopher Page; Composer & Sound Designer Ben Pierpoint;  Producer Amy Morcom; Assistant Producer Rebecca Blake; 

With Nikki Britton, Tom Mesker, Matilda Ridgway, Dorje Swallow

You can also buy a published copy of the script!

Purchasing a copy contributes funds towards this independent show and helps give the script itself a life beyond our production. Take this rare opportunity to get your hands on a published copy of Amelia Roper’s hot new writing:

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