Between the Streetlight & the Moon | mophead

may 5 - 27

Written by Melita Rowston

world premiere

Who’s the woman in Manet’s paintings… and what’s she hiding?
Zadie is writing a book that’s going to blow the international art world apart… or so she’s been telling everyone for nine years. She claims her book will prove once and for all that an illicit affair between Belle Epoque artists Eduoard Manet and Berthe Morisot actually occurred. There’s only one problem – she can’t find the letter that proves her theory; and she happens to be the only academic who believes this letter exists. Obsessed with what she believes to be a 'perfect' love affair between two dead artists, one that she has largely been able to chart through a series of 11 intimate, fraught and exposing portraits, Zadie has buried herself in papers, archives, dossiers and letters to the point where her grip on reality is becoming uncertain.

Between the Streetlight and the Moon was one of five finalists for the Sydney Theatre Company Patrick White Playwright Award in 2016 and was also shortlisted for The Silver Gull Award in 2015.

Directed by Anthony Skuse; Produced by Stephen Multari & Eloise Snape; Associate Producer Chad Traupmann; Production Manager Maria Spataro; Stage Manager Sunil Chandra; Lighting Designer Chris Page; Set and Costume Designer Jeremy Allen; Sound Designer Benjamin Freeman; Vocal and Accent Coach Linda Nicholls-Gidley; Front of House Manager Cat Dibley

With Lucy Miller, Ben McIvor, Suzanne Pereira, Joanna Downing and Lani Tupu

Please note that due to the arrangement of the theatre and the intimacy of the space, there is a lockout policy in place on all shows at KXT. Latecomers are not permitted to enter during the performance and there are no refunds/exchanges with regards to latecomers.

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